1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone Review

1more MK802 Bluetooth Headphone Review

If you ask the company 1MORE what they’re all about they’d tell you they just want to make great sounding, affordable headphones that don’t cut any corners. Until now they’ve mainly focused on in-ear headphones but recently 1MORE introduced the MK802 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone. The MK802 is a trendy looking headphone that promises great sound. Well I have access to this new Bluetooth headphone from 1MORE and I’m about to see (and hear) if the MK802 can in fact “deliver the goods”.

1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone Review

In The Box

The 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone comes with the basics for what you’ll need to get this headphone up and running. You’ll get the MK802 headphone, a charging cable, a standard 3.5mm aux cable (that works when the battery is completely dead) and a carrying bag. You also get a user manual and info on the rest of the 1 MORE product line.

1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Headphones - Whats In The Box
1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Headphones – Whats In The Box

Durability / Build

The 1MORE MK802 feels pretty solid. The headband is made from a durable and synthetic titanium that feels pretty strong. It’s certainly light years ahead of the hard plastic frame of other trendy headphones like Beats By Dre. The buttons and ear cup adjustments feel well made. As for the padding along the headband and ear cups it seems like this material will last a long time with proper care.


It was tough at first to get a good fit using the 1MORE MK802 headphone. This is mostly because of the minimal, low-profile design. This headphone is designed to be stylish and snug at the same time. Sleek and yet comfortable. The ear pads are a tight “over-ear” fit but they are indeed over the ears. The headband has soft yet minimal padding which will work great for almost everybody. The overall fit is very close to the head with a stylish look designed to impress.


I got a decent wireless range on the 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth headphone. Using my mobile phone I got to a distance of about 30 feet which is very good. And when using a Fiio X5 player with aptX I got about half that distance but it’s unclear whether the more demanding codec was responsible or the Bluetooth ability of the player. I’d have to do a little more research to be sure. Considering the MK802 headphone uses Bluetooth 4.1 I guess it’s really no surprise it did so well.

Battery Life

The battery on the MK802 headphone lasts up to 15 hours if you’re simply playing music but you can get up to 26 hours out of this baby if you’re just talking on the phone. Not bad at all.



The 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth headphone has a lot of the basic features we’ve come to expect in Bluetooth headphones. The on/off, volume, track controls are all placed conveniently on the back-side of the right ear cup so you can access them with your thumb. As I’ve found with a lot of Bluetooth headphones, the volume on the headset is independent from the volume on my mobile device. The easiest way to deal with this is turn the volume on the mobile device up to 90%-95% and use the headphone volume control from there. I did have a problem using the “track advance” function though. When attempting to advance a track I ended up calling the last number on my call list. Needless to say my sister didn’t appreciate the prank headphone call. I read the directions over again and confirmed I did not make a mistake. Tapping the track button twice is supposed to “advance tracks”. I’m not sure what happened here but maybe these controls are not compatible with my iPhone 6. For now it’s a mystery.


The MK802 headphone uses Bluetooth 4.1 which is the highest version you’re going to find on any Bluetooth headphone at the moment.

Bass Control

A noteworthy and pretty cool feature on the MK802 headphone is the “bass switch” on the left side. There’s a total of 3 settings on the bass switch from flat to punchy. It’s actually my favorite feature so far. Being able to dial back the bass on a headphone quickly is priceless. The flattest setting in fact sounds like a significant bass “roll-off” that would be perfect for phone calls. On the highest bass setting I find pop music is much more rich and fun to listen to. All-around it’s a nice amount of bass that’s not overdone.

1MORE Assistant Mobile App

The last feature worth mentioning is the 1MoreAssistant App. I like a good headphone app especially if it gives you access to special features withing the headphone. The main function of the 1MoreAssistant app is to play white noise at different levels and phases to create an even burn-in. I definitely can’t argue that burn-in exists. My Sennhieser headphones definitely have a “sweeter” sound since I bought them. The idea in using white noise is to fill the headphone with all the frequencies at the same time to get the same “burn-in” response through the whole spectrum. The app also features an Optional Hearing Protection feature and the headphone has a “one-button” access to the application. Pressing this button will mute your music and access the app.

1MORE Assistant Headphone App
1MORE Assistant Headphone App


Getting down to the really important part of the review I ran the 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth headphone through all my standard tests for sound. I started with an assortment of my favorite and most familiar tracks and played them several times to get a real idea of what the MK802 could do.

From my smartphone I ran the MK802 through all kinds of tests using bass heavy electronic and hip-hop as well as more mid-range rock tracks and ethereal pop. The result was quite impressive. Using the bass switch on the headphone I thoroughly enjoyed the level of punchy (even booming) bass that I could get from the MK802 Bluetooth headphone. In fact the bass switch gives this headphone advantage because the frequency range often suffers when going wireless.

The mid-range was also quite impressive. I find that a lot of headphones neglect the mids for a more bass and top-end frequency response but the 1MORE MK802 doesn’t hesitate. Vocals, guitars and percussion are present in the mix.

As for the high frequencies I was again impressed. This is another area that sometimes suffers when using Bluetooth headphones but 1MORE has managed to get a nice, crisp clarity that you’ll only find in most high-end headphones.

1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphone RED
1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphone (Red)


Summing up my experience with this new Bluetooth headphone I’m admittedly impressed with the build and performance of the 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth headphone. I definitely had my complaints about the fit and my problem with the track controls may have been user error but for a Bluetooth headphone priced under $150 1MORE has managed to achieve their goal of making a great sounding headphone for not too much money. Overall the 1MORE MK802 has the style and great sound to outperform other trendy headphones twice its price. The MK802 comes in 2 fun colors (red or blue) and I would definitely recommend giving it a try for anyone looking for a high-quality, stylish wireless headphone. Find it at your local authorized headphone dealer or on Amazon


Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 4.1 with 30 ft. range
Audio Codec: Qualcomm aptX
Battery Life: Standby 5 months, Talk 26 hours, Music 15 hours
Driver Diameter: 40 mm
Optional Cable: 1.2 m Optional plug: 3.5 mm
Color: RED, BLUE