New Release 1MORE Quad Driver And Lightning Version Triple Driver

1MORE Quad Driver

1MORE is back with two more in-ear headphones. Meet the New 1More Quad Driver and Lightning version Triple Driver.

New Release 1MORE Quad Driver And Lightning Version Triple Driver

One of 1MORE’s newest additions to their impressive line-up of reference ear buds is the Quad Driver. Like the name implies, these headphones are comprised of three drivers – a single diamond-like carbon dynamic driver and three balanced armature drivers. This set-up produces pristine audio thanks to the definition and clarity produced by each driver. The rich sound is also due in part to the aluminum housings that act as a sound chamber ergonomically-shaped to provide exceptional comfort and noise isolation in a sleek and compact design. The 1MORE Quad Driver was also fine tuned by Grammy-award winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi to produce a realistic sound stage.

“With the Quad Drivers, we have taken a step closer to bridging the gap between audiophiles and main stream music lovers,” said 1MORE Chief Brand Officer, David Kellogg.

That seems true IMHO. Not just in sound quality, but in price. These premium buds are a mere $199 at and Amazon while competitors price their quads at $699 (Westone W40), $1000 (Shure SE846), and higher.

Another new kid on the block is 1MORE’s Lightning Triple Driver earbuds. These buds are built like the original Triple Drivers, but feature a Lightning cable rather than a 3.5mm jack. This enables 1MORE to include an on-board DAC for what is said to produce excellent audio. The Triple Lightning cable also includes a 5-way joystick controller allowing you to take calls, control volume, and change tracks effortlessly. 1MORE Triple Lightning costs $149.99 and is available at