[Updated] 2017 Best Gift Guide Headphones, Other Tech

Hip Hop Headphones Sennheiser Momentum 2017 Best Gift Guide Headphones, Other Tech

The holidays are here! With Black Friday behind us and Christmas and Hanukkah and rearing their festive heads around the corner. So we want to make sure you are armed and ready to get that audiophile in your life the best possible gift within your means. “2017 Best Gift Guide Headphones, Other Tech.” Check back as this article will be updated with new price points and deals.

2017 Best Gift Guide Headphones, Other Tech

2017 Best Gift Guide Headphones, Other Tech – Under $100

Final Audio E2000 $44.90
Japanese-made slender, lightweight earbuds with reference-style sound signature consisting of a flat frequency response and wide soundstage. Audio46, Amazon

Shure SE215 $89.99
over-ear-hook style MMCX-connection IEM. Built with dynamic microdriver tuned to deliver an enhanced low-end. Includes memory foam tips. Audio46, Amazon

JBL E45BT $99
Light, portable, on-ear, wireless headphone sporting a 16 hour battery life in a variety of fun colors. Audio46, Amazon

JBL Flip 4 Speaker $99
Portable, waterproof (IPX7), cyclindrical-shaped speaker with a 12-hour battery life. Audio46, Amazon

JBL Reflect Mini BT $64.99-99.99
Lightweight, reflective, sweat resistant, fitness earbuds with secure lock earfins and an 8-hour battery life. Audio46, Amazon

AudioQuest DragonFly Black $99
Thumb-drive sized, USB DAC-preamp-amp designed to provide cleaner sound using an output power of 1.5V. Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser HD 1 Momentum in-ears $99
In-ear buds marked by the signature sound of Sennheiser, detailed with a slight boost in the low end. Audio46, Amazon

FiiO F9 Triple Driver $99
Over-ear hook style in-ear monitor with three drivers (2 balanced armatures, 1 – 9.2 mm dynamic driver) equipped with an MMCX connection Audio46, Amazon

FiiO Q1 Mark II $99
DAC-amp combo specifically designed for the iPhone (MFi certified). Features dual headphone outputs (3.5mm standard and 2.5mm balanced), 20-hour battery life, and cellphone-like frame. Audio46, Amazon

Grado SR80e $99.99
Affordable, hand-crafted open-back headphone for the beginner audiophile. No amp necessary. This reference headphone presents a wide soundstage and rich mid-range. Audio46,

Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro $99.99
On-ear wired headphone designed for mobile and studio use. Presents a vast soundstage with rich bass in a durable frame. Audio46, Amazon

Audio Technica ATH-E40 $99.99
Over-ear-hook style IEMs that utilize dual phase push pull drivers for a powerful low end and balanced mids and highs. Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming headphone $78.99-99.95
Closed-back headset with broadcast quality noise-cancelling ready for use with Mac, PC, Tablet, Mobile devices, X Box One, and PS4. Audio46, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KV3BB0S?ie=UTF8&tag=m0143d-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B01KV3BB0S

2017 Best Gift Guide Headphones, Other Tech – Under $200

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless $129.99
Modeled after its successful predecessor the Hesh 2. The new iteration is marked by a slimmer, collapsible frame with a more accurate sound signature with a heavy bass line. Sports a 22-hour battery life. Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT $149.99
Portable over-ear headphone with well-cushioned ear-cups and a solid seal against ambient noise. Frame is slender and lightweight. Marked by the signature Sennheiser sound – detailed with an emphasized low-end. Detachable cable and pouch included. 25-hour battery life. Includes Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC for pairing. AptX equipped. Audio46, Amazon

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless $199.99
This wireless headphone takes bass to the next level. Perfect for bass-heads who want to literally FEEL the bass as the headphone vibrates with every bass line. Features a 22-hour battery life. Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC $199.99
Similar to the aforementioned can but equipped with active noise cancelling. Sports a 19-hour run time with Bluetooth and ANC. Up to 25 hours using only Bluetooth. Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear $199.99
Modeled after the HD 1 Momentum in-ear headphones the HD 1 Free is a wireless design consisting of a thin cable running between the two earbud housings.
It delivers the rich sound signature of Sennheiser with a warm low end. Supports a 10-hour battery life. Audio46,

Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Neckband $199.99
This headphone is designed to function like the HD 1 Free but adds a neckband that vibrates when you receive notifications. Audio46, Amazon

Audio Technica ATH-LS70iS $129.99
The LS stands for “live sound” and these earbuds supply just that. Expect to hear an exceptionally wide sound stage (especially for the price) with a deep and driving bass line. Audio 46

ATH-M50x $149
Popular headphone from Audio Technica. Studio mixing and mastering headphone known for its warm sound signature. Includes pouch, quarter inch adapter, and 3 different cables.

JBL Charge 3 $149.99
Powerful portable speaker slightly larger than the Flip 4. It is water resistant and can play in sync with another Connect-enabled speaker. Features a USB charging port under the rubber water seal and provides musical playback for up to 20 hours. Audio46, Amazon

AirPods $159
Truly wireless earbuds for the Apple snob in your life. They support a 5-hour battery life and posses sensors that turn your music on and off when the buds are placed in and removed from your ears. Apple

ATH-M50xRD $169.99
Red and gold limited edition version of the ATH-M50X. Same in build and quality, now available in crimson and gold. Audio46, Amazon

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 ohm $179.99
Balanced, closed-back headphone with a slight shimmer in the highs. Used for mixing and mastering in the studio.

AudioQuest DragonFly Red $199
Flash drive-sized DAC-amp with 2V of power. Do need to charge. Plug headphone into DAC-amp and your source of music on the other end and you’re ready to go. Lightweight, simple, and easy to use. Will need to buy separate USB-enabled OTG cable separately. Audio46, Amazon

V-Moda Crossfade M-80 $149.99
Slender, on-ear headphone coveted for its balanced sound signature and easy portability. Famous for its use by DJs around the work, V-Moda is great for the commuting disc jockey in your life. Audio46, Amazon

iFi Nano iOne $199.99
Small, lightweight, portable DAC with Bluetooth streaming capability. Built with RCA output, SPDIF in/out, and USB input. Has the capability to connect to smart devices, TVs, gaming consoles, and more. Silver in color.Audio46, Amazon

iFi Black Label Portable $199
A powerful, portable DAC-amp from iFi that is Hi-Res certified. It’s modeled after the renowned iFi Black Label which allows for customization by the user. This little guy allows for a little of the same with a single filter for measure or listen. It runs smooth and effortlessly drives high-profile cans. Audio46, Amazon

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 $179.99-199.99
This baby is like its name, the Pinnacle. It’s a beautiful zinc alloy earbud built with an MMCX connection. It offers a sweet, thumping bass line for an overall warm delivery. To note, these buds are fit with Comply tips which you can buy separately if you lose a pair. Audio46, Amazon

Under $350

Sennheiser HD 1 Momentum 2 Over-Ear Wired $319-349
These headphones are a flagship from Sennheiser. Their over-ear HD1 wired provides high resolution balanced audio with a bit of oomph in the bass. The headphone includes a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser HD 600 $288
Balanced, open-back headphone from Sennheiser. Relaxed and cushioned fit. Perfect for mixing and matching. The price is at an all time low so grab them while they’re hot! Audio46, Amazon

Sennheiser HD 650 $315
Built like the aforementioned, but opts for more warmth in the bass and detachable cables. Quick tip, most HD650 owners are obsessed with these headphones so you’re giftee will probabl join the cult following soon enough. Audio46, Amazon

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