ADVANCED.Sound Accessport Amplifier and Charger for iPhone 7

ADVANCED.Sound is the gift that keeps on giving. They’ve got affordable audiophile-grade in-ears and now they’ve released Accessport amplifier and charger for iPhone 7 users.

ADVANCED.Sound Accessport Amplifier and Charger for iPhone 7

The amplifier and charger is fitted with Apple-approved suppliers and is MFi certified meaning this amp is officially approved for usage with the iPhone 7. The little attachment acts as an adapter between your cellphone and headphones while also featuring an additional port for you to charge your phone.

Here’s how it all works. A 24-bit digital audio signal is transferred directly from your iPhone through the unit and to your headphones. As the digital signal travels through Accessport it is decoded through the digital-analog-converter in the unit. The decoded analog signal is amplified and delivers high-resolution audio to your headphones.

That being said, Accessport has the ability to drive headphones with an impedance up to 300 ohms with a signal-to-noise ratio of 122 dB. The power output is 40mW. The entire unit measures 22 mm X 11 mm x 44 mm making it perfectly portable. It also feature controls for adjusting your volume, skipping back and forth between tracks, and queuing Siri.

Accessport is also available in a microUSB version and USB-C version. You can purchase one via Kickstarter for $29 and expect your shipment to arrive in March 2017. P.S. After the campaign Accessport is expected to retail for $59.99.

The DAC and charger unit is powered by AAW (Advanced AcousticWerkes), makers of premier CIEM’s (Custom In-Ear Monitors) based in Singapore.  They have been working closely with AAW to develop the portable DAC over the last year.  Their immense know-how and expertise in acoustic engineering was instrumental in sourcing the right components to maximize the performance of the Accessport.