AKITA Earbuds, Truly Wireless Headphones

There is no shortage of truly wireless buds looking to make their mark during the wake of wireless everything. Coming to you from Canada are Akita earbuds, truly wireless.

AKITA Earbuds, Truly Wireless Headphones

Adhering to your basic audio needs, Akita earbuds were designed to provide multi-purpose wireless buds without the fuss of tangled wires all the while focusing on affordability. “I decided it was important to release Akita earbuds at an affordable price so that other people won’t have to pay high prices for well-known brands who dominate the industry, and so they can have the same opportunity to listen to their favorite music in the most effective and convenient way,”writes Akita creator Soha Salem on Kickstarter.

AKITA Earbuds

That being said, Akita is made of hard-grade materials and silicone ear tips. Salem and the Akita team claim the buds can “easily withstand rain, water splashes and workout sweat.” Each earpiece is designed to be as light as possible to allow for a comfortable fit and versatile means. As pictures would describe, Akita earbuds are designed for the business man and the weekend warrior.

Akita earbuds are also fashioned with noise cancellation technology so you can better hear your music and focus on your task at hand. Over Bluetooth 4.2 technology the earbuds communicate with your paired smart device. A built-in microphone and CSR chip provides CD-like quality during phone calls and listening sessions. Though, like many other truly wireless buds, Akita sports a short life span – achieving about 3 hours of use.

Akita is currently available at the Kickstarter price of $89 USD. The suggested market retail price is $199 USD. Orders of Akita earbuds, available in both white and black colorways, will ship with a USB charging cable, 3 pairs of silicone ear tips, a velvet pouch, and a one-year limited warranty. Orders will ship to backers in March 2017.