Amazon Prime Day 2017: Date, Deals, Discounts, Vendors

Amazon Prime Day 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017 is almost here. And if you are totally unsure what it is, it’s a day to celebrate Amazon Prime with major discounts.

Amazon Prime Day 2017: Date, Deals, Discounts, Vendors

In doing so, Amazon offers one-day-only global shopping exclusively for Prime members. With thousands of amazing deals worldwide, members get exclusive access to the biggest discounts on items in nearly every product category. That means headphones, speakers, music – everything your little audiophile heart could ever want! Don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked.

For vendors, Prime Day may not be as exciting this year as it was during the initial launch in 2015. To take part in the highly anticipated shopping event, sellers will need to apply and hope to get selected among the reported 2 million plus other merchants on the e-commerce site. Then, they’ll have to pay $500. When it comes to listings, vendors will be required to discount items by at least 20 percent. But hey, it may be worth it for Amazon’s estimated number of 65 million (80 million global) Prime members.

Last year, Amazon Prime Day was July 12, 2016. There’s no official announcement on the date yet, but my guess is mid-July. Check back regularly for updates on the official date, vendors, and headphone/audio discounts.