Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Review

Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Review

As I shotgun my morning Redbull and eye the stacks of headphones covering my review desk, my gaze lands on the Anker Soundcore Infini Mini.  Not a headphone, but a mini soundbar, this unit retails for an affordable $80 on Amazon.  A few days ago I had the pleasure of checking out Anker’s newest wireless noise-cancelling headset, the Space NC.  But can the Infini Mini follow such a tough act?  And at this price, just how good can it sound?

Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Review

Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Review

The Anker Infini Mini comes with a remote, two AAA batteries, an optical cable, an RCA to 3.5 mm cable, and a power adapter.

Measuring a decent 21 inches, the Infini Mini has perfect proportions for inconspicuous placement on a shelf or beneath a monitor.

The right side of the speaker sports a set of controls allowing you to power off the speaker, adjust volume, or switch input modes from aux to optical to Bluetooth.

Setup and connection remain fairly straightforward, and the supplied user manual offers a convenient troubleshooting section for confused parties.

Once plugged in and powered on, this Anker speaker delivers some impressive sound quality – although with some caveats.

Sound Quality

As a headphone guy, I am not as good at reviewing speakers.  However, I found the sound quality of the Infini Mini to be pretty impressive – especially in the mids and highs.  Here vocals and instrumentation remain crisp and clear, with a wealth of detail easily presenting itself to the listener.

Perhaps the only failing of this speaker is a lack of control in the low end.  While not present in every test track, some tunes sounded muddy and convoluted in the low end – especially hip-hop tracks with heavy backbeats and low-octave male vocals.

Still, this only seems present with particularly tricky songs; most rock tunes fared better in terms of overall fidelity, and the problem seemed nonexistent with classical or acoustic material.


Thanks to the supplied cables, the Infini Mini easily connects to digital and analog sources.  Bluetooth connectivity seems decent too, with no real loss of quality between analog input or wireless connection.

Other Observations

The longer I listen to the Infini Mini, the more I like it.  Granted, I listen to a TON of hip-hop music, so the sometimes-muddy low end does grind my gears a little bit.  Still, for $80, the overwhelming level of quality present here comes across as downright astounding.

As with all speakers, attaining adequate sound hinges on good placement.  While this model could be placed under a computer monitor for decent results, it sounds loads better with some distance between itself and its audience.


Amazon is filled with loads of cheap speakers vying for pittance of money.  Yet, nothing seems quite so inexpensive while also boasting decent sound quality.  For those who want good sound on the cheap, the Infini Mini isn’t just a home-run, it’s a home-run lobbed under-hand.  If you absolutely must spend more money because you have too much of it, opt for something more expensive that probably sounds close in terms of mid and high-end fidelity.

If you’re a hip-hop head like Yours Truly, you may also want to consider spending much more for a more impressive low end.

Final Analysis

At an affordable $80, the Anker Soundcore Infini Mini offers real performance at a price that won’t break the bank.  While the low end could sound a tad less muddy in some cases, the overall quality and tonal fidelity remains truly impressive.


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