Ariana Grande Cat Ears Headphones

Ariana Grande Cat Ears Headphones

Do you wear your hair in a really long ponytail while sporting cat ears and singing along to Ariana Grande? If so, you’ll be happy to know Ariana Grande Cat Ears headphones have been created just for you.

Ariana Grande Cat Ears Headphones

Teaming up with Brookstone, the songstress launched a pair of super affordable and trendy piece of tech. Cat ears, whether furry or LED, are very big in the EDM- rave community. They’ve made their way to the more commercial-and trendy scene as celebrities like Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens frequented festivals in floral kitten ears. embellished cat ears became a staple of Grande’s garb along with  her signature long pony tail. Now her fans can enjoy what probably feels like a degree of separation from the talented chanteuse.

Ariana Grande Cat Ears Headphones

“Working with Brookstone to create these amazing headphones has been a blast,” Grande said. “They represent my style — fun, edgy and unique and I know my fans will LOVE them as much as I do.”

“Ariana looks simply amazing in her new Cat Ear Headphones,” said Brookstone CEO Steven Goldsmith. “She’s so much more than a tremendously talented singer and performer. She’s created a whole world of style and fun and beauty, and we wanted to create something that would fit perfectly into this world. We knew she loved cat ears, and that we had a good design, but we weren’t prepared for just how wonderfully they complement her amazing style.”

The best part about the Ariana Grande Cat Ear headphones, is that they are also wireless. So feel free to dance your heart out to “Side by Side” featuring Nicki Minaj. In addition, the cat ears act as a speaker, giving wearers the option of turning their solo into a full room dance party. So Arianators, what are you waiting for? Pre-order yours at for $149.99. The headphones expect to ship in mid-November.

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