Audio Technica CES 2018 New Releases

Audio Technica CES 2018 New Releases
Audio Technica ATH-ANC700BT

Similar to last year, Audio Technica launched a slew of new products this Tuesday at CES 2018 including a wireless noise-cancelling model and many more. Details are outlined in our “Audio Technica CES 2018 New Releases” article.

Audio Technica CES 2018 New Releases

Kicking things off with an exciting new number, Audio Technica unveiled what seems to be a fair competitor to Sony WH-1000X2 and Sennheiser’s PXC 550. The new headset, called the ATH-ANC700BT, has similar features to Sony and Sennheiser, in that the ear cups feature intuitive touch and swipe controls for navigating your playlists, taking calls, and controlling the volume. It is built with 40mm drivers and  reach a frequency response between 5 Hz-40,000 Hz. ANC700BT is said to provide ANC better than its competition due to the precise positioning of the ANC mic that it doesn’t pick up some of the soft buzz that some users hear when they listen to noise-cancelling buds. When engaged in both ANC and Bluetooth technology it’ll run for up to 25 hours. These headphones can also be used in a wired mode with the included 3.5mm cable. The ATH-ANC700BT will be available March 2018 for $199.

Audio Technica CES 2018 New Releases
Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT

Audio Technica also released an in-ear wireless model equipped with a neckband and Pure Digital Sound. Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT Pure Digital Sound is the company’s first in-ear model to feature this technology. Pretty cool! The wireless buds use highly responsive Dual-Phase Push-Pull D/A Drivers to receive the digital signals directly from the chipset. This chipset is designed specifically to improve the performance of the Pure Digital Drive system which enables the headphones to reproduce sound with a wider dynamic range. Over Bluetooth, these buds are able to support up to 24-bit/48kHz signals. Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT will be available Spring 2018 for $399.

Further expanding on their Bluetooth line-up, Audio Technica also created wireless headphones within their Solid Bass, Sonic Sport, and Sound Reality lines among others. These headphones include The Solid Bass ATH-WS990BT with active noise cancellation ($249) and ATH-WS660BT ($149), Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT70BT ($129) and ATH-SPORT50BT ($69), Sound Reality ATH-CKR75BT ($149), ATH-CKR55BT ($99), ATH-CKR35BT ($69) and the over-ear ATH-S200BT ($79) and in-ear ATH-CK200BT ($69) for anyone looking for different styles and price points launching on varying dates from now through March 2018.

Hope you’re looking forward to trying out some of these Audio Technica CES 2018 new releases. I sure am!

The following headphones are already available for pre-order.

ATH-ANC700BT for $199.
ATH-DSR5BT for $399.
ATH-SPORT70BT for $129.
ATH-SPORT50BT for $69.
ATH-S200BT for $79.

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