BeoPlay H9 In-Depth Review

Bang and Olufsen are back with a wireless headphone that boasts active noise cancellation in a new over-ear frame. Get the details on the new model in our BeoPlay H9 In-Depth Review.

BeoPlay H9 In-Depth Review

BeoPlay H8 was received with mostly great reviews – scoring a 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The on-ear headphone while exuding style and grace possessed some minor connectivity issues, according to various outlets. However, the overall experience was one of quality audio with deep, resonating bass in a beautiful shell. Does the H9 improve upon its predecessor? Let’s find out.

BeoPlay H9

First, let’s just take note that the box takes a departure from the signature grey box with a tight portrait shot of the ear cups to a lifestyle shoot resembling the latest H9 and fall color campaigns. I like it!

Second, the frame is of a similar make to the H8, but over-ear. Both ear cups showcase a beautiful brushed aluminum finish, while the right ear cup features touch controls. The real difference to me lies in the ear cushions which are still made of leather, but feel like they got a super soft upgrade.

Pairing these headphones are just as simple as the H8. Turn Bluetooth on on your smart device. Slide the Bluetooth button into the ON position on the headphone and then hold it in the ON position until a dark blue light begins to flash indicating it is in pairing mode. Next, select BeoPlay H9 on your smart device and you are good to go.

Features consist of active noise cancellation, which unlike Bose, can be turned on and off. I’d say the ANC is good, but not the best. BOSE can one-up these cans there. The touch controls are also a really cool feature. Users are able to easily swipe to turn ANC on and off, skip forward or backwards a track, as well as make calls. Though, finicky. What was a flaw with the H8 has unfortunately been passed down to the H9. While playing with the touch controls somehow the headphones dialed my sister – she’s the last person I spoke to so maybe that’s why. But what I found more surprising is that when I actually tried to speak with her I couldn’t hear her. The headphones, though in Bluetooth mode, did not automatically switch over. I had to find my phone, click audio source from the in-call menu, and then select BeoPlay H9 to hear properly. I wanted to assume maybe this was a one-off thing until my co-worker said he’d experienced the exact same issue. That’s a con in my book. However, what BeoPlay lacks in features it makes up for in sound.

BeoPlay H9 delivers clear and detailed audio quality while resonating across a frequency response range of 20 to 22,000 Hertz. Treble is distinct even when the bass seems to be hitting its lowest. Neither is thin. Highs are salient, mids are lush, and the lows deep and rich.

To boot, these headphones offer a 14 hour battery life using both ANC and Bluetooth 4.2 technology. If you only use Bluetooth you can expect 16 hours and 21 hours if you use ANC alone while wired. Wanna pair? Snag them at an unbeatable price at Audio 46 using discount code “majorhifi” at checkout. BeoPlay H9 is also available at a competitive price on Amazon from authorized retailers.

Hope our BeoPlay H9 In-Depth Review was in-depth enough. If not, let us know your questions down below.