Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

Campfire has a large family of in-ear headphones, each with its own strengths and purpose.  The Campfire Jupiter is designed to emphasize the higher frequencies. But how well balanced is it, and how does it compete with the other Campfire models? We’re about to find out in this Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review.

IN the BOX – Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

Campfire Audio Raw Leather Earphone Case

Campfire Audio Litz Cable – Silver Plated Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug

SPINFIT Tips (xs/s/m/l)

Campfire Audio Earphone Tips(s/m/l)

Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l)

Campfire Audio Lapel Pin

Cleaning Tool

DESIGN and FIT – Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

The Campfire Jupiter is designed to bring out the high frequency extension. Their focus here is clarity and definition. These headphones have dual high frequency drivers, which use Campfire’s Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber.  This means the acoustic tuning is not compressed, and as such, high frequencies are supposedly more extended and open. The enclosure is made from a solid polymer-ceramic composite coating. The MMCX inputs are made from Beryllium Copper, designed to make them long lasting. They look beautiful, and you can be sure that with these materials, they’re very solid. The Campfire Jupiter fits perfectly too. Although they may feel a little heavy in your hands, you can’t sense any weight once they’re in your ears. I suggest using the foam tips for best sound isolation.

SOUND – Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

These headphones are tight. And I don’t just mean that they sound good. They have a super impressive transient response. Percussive instruments snap, piano sounds incredibly dynamic and the note separation on guitars is splendid. The Campfire Jupiter are indeed defined by their clarity and definition.


These headphones may be designed with high frequencies in mind, but it’s no slouch in the low range either. Clear and dry, the bass feels perfectly balanced with the rest of the mix. If you’re worried that it’s not bassy enough for pop, hip-hop or EDM, don’t. These genres sound fantastic.


Did I mention that these headphones are beautifully balanced? The higher mids are a little more emphasized than the lower mids, but the Jupiter is so even-handed that it’s hard to tell. Rock sounds great on these. Just listen to Gimme Shelter, and you’ll hear the gorgeous clarity and consistency of the electric guitars. Serious separation and superior definition. Folk music sounds even better. A little Bob Dylan shows off some sweet acoustic guitar tones, and conveys the nuances of every string pluck. Vocals have great presence. But they’re not too forward, and they fall beautifully into the mix.


It’s hard to imagine that the highs can top the lows and mids, but they do. The transparency in this range is amazing. Listening to Here Comes The Sun, the acoustic guitars sparkle. And back to the Rolling Stones, the high end guitar licks on Beast of Burden are crystal clear. There’s not a hint of sizzle. It’s all about detail in this range. To get a sense of the high vocals, I decided to listen to good ol’ Whitney Houston. She sounds silky smooth. I also played some jazz. Miles Davis was almost too much. The high pitched trumpet was slightly abrasive. But saxophones on the high end were sweet and breathy. Moving onto classical, I tried out some Tchaikovsky. The woodwinds and harps came out delicately, and the texture of the high strings were exquisite.

Sound Stage

The Campfire Jupiter has some impressive width. Listening to Buena Vista Social Club, it showed great acoustic space. The headstage conveyed some nice separation, and the imaging was spot on.

SUMMARY – Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

Besides the Andromeda, these might be my favorite Campfires. It’s a beautifully even sound that works perfectly across all genres. It’s fast and has gorgeous lucidity. The Campfire Jupiter is $200 less than the Dorado, but I think it’s a better headphone. Within the Campfire family, I would say that it has the best value for money. Yes, they’re still expensive, but can easily compete with other higher priced headphones. If you like to listen to all types of music, the Campfire Jupiter is an ideal choice.

SPECIFICATIONS – Campfire Jupiter In Ear Headphones Review

5Hz–22 kHz Frequency Response

117.5 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity

38.5 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance

You can find the Campfire Jupiter headphones for the best price at:

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