[Updated] CanJam NYC 2018 New Headphones, Discounts, Exhibitors, Predictions

CanJam NYC 2018

Last year’s CanJam drew one of the largest crowds of headphone enthusiasts and audio geeks to New York City for the opportunity to listen and toy with some of the world’s best-in-class cans. This year’s headphone extravaganza (CanJam NYC 2018) is highly-anticipated and is expected to be bigger and better than last year. Here’s why…

[Updated] CanJam NYC 2018 New Headphones, Exhibitors, Predictions

CanJam NYC 2018 – Special Discounts [Updated]

Trade shows are an amazing time to check out new products, but it’s also a great time to shop around. Many of your favorite items will see a special drop in price just for the occasion. The catch, you gotta be there! Well, at least for most of the super savings. You’ll have to make your way down to the New York Marriott Marquis. If you’re wondering what you’re in for, our inside sources let us know JBL and AKG will see major discounts. The AKG 3003i, originally listed at $999 will take a significant drop. We can’t give you numbers, but expect a discount greater than 50% off. There will also be a considerable decrease in the list price of AKG N90 Quincy Jones Limited Edition Headphones (list price of $1500) will see a markdown of about 30 plus percent. Major! In addition, JBL’s E Series will see about 10% off. Be sure to check back as these are the discounts we currently know of. We will update this article as soon as we know of more.

CanJam NYC 2018 – New Forms of Fan Interactions

A huge part of industry trade shows is the fan and potential if not already established customer experience at each booth. In the realm of headphones and audio gear this usually involves sitting at a table and sampling various headphones with various DACs, players, etc. But this year, according to an inside source, Final Audio is going to create a truly interactive fun experience for fans. They’ll be exhibiting their TANE Earphone Assembly Kit. It allows users to build their own Final Audio earbud and tune it to their liking. I mean, does it get any better than that?

CanJam NYC 2018 – No Super Bowl vs. Super Sound Dilemma

CanJam won’t have to go head-to-head with one of the biggest sporting events of the year. CanJam 2017 was scheduled the same day as the Super Bowl which meant people would have to make the tough decision of leaving the comfort of their warm home or watch party with free-flowing alcohol to venture into Times Square’s Marriott Marquis to reach headphone heaven. Tough dilemma, amiright? 2018’s exhibition show will take place February 17-18. The Super Bowl is February 4. Crisis averted.

CanJam NYC 2018 – New Exhibitors

This comes as no surprise. A popular, multi-regional audio show is sure to have newcomers. It’s easy to assume that these new exhibitors would be new to the headphone market, but no. In fact, there are some newcomers to the exhibition floor that are top-tier in the market. Hello Beyerdynamic! I’m so stoked to see their name on the list. This leads me to believe they are going to have some goodies to test. At CES 2017 (January), the German company unveiled Beyerdynamic Xelento, a pristine and pretty looking piece of ear candy worth a grand. Beyerdynamic is attending CES this year and I’m hoping for another sweet unveil at that show in Vegas which would mean there’s a good chance we will get a chance to interact with their new good in February.

Westone will also be making an appearance this year. I’m rather excited to see what they’ll have for us. If my memory serves me correctly, the Colorado-based company didn’t unveil anything new at CanJam or CES last year. They did release a revamped version of their UM1 monitor in May, but that was about it. Ooh the anticipation is almost too much!

British audio company RHA just popped up on the exhibitor list. I’ve never heard any of their high-quality and specially designed products and am dying to give some of their fine tuned IEMs a go. Make sure to look out for them if you’re hitting the trade show.

CanJam NYC 2018 – Innovative Sponsors

The 2018 sponsor list, so far, includes Sennheiser, Meze Audio, Hi-Fi+, and Headphone Guru. Through the grapevine, we’ve also heard Audio46 will be exhibiting on behalf of Harman (JBL, AKG), Dunu, and Final Audio. This makes me excited because these guys know their stuff. If you aren’t familiar with Audio46, it is a local headphone superstore where the staff allow you to demo and buy headphones that range from simple Skullcandy buds to premium open-backs, like the new Focal Clear. Also, their stock is pretty much always up to date. Anyway, they’ll be representing these brands, showcasing their products, and best of all, offering super savings on some products. Yippee!

*We will be updating this article regularly with info on new releases, exhibitors, and more.