Clear Tune VS2 Review

Clear Tune VS2 Review

The Clear Tune VS2 monitor utilizes a two-driver design and boasts balanced performance.  But does it deliver on these claims, and is it worth the $399 price tag?

Clear Tune VS2 Review

Clear Tune VS2 Review

Arriving with six pairs of eartips, a carrying case, cleaning tool, and 1/4” stereo adapter plug in tow, the VS2 doesn’t skimp on accessories.

Chrome faceplates and nozzles add a bit of flair to the plastic molded earpieces.  However, this style doesn’t come at the expense of comfort.  Once fitted inside the ear, the earphones can be worn for hours without any fatigue.

The 4 ft (1.2 m) braided cable loops comfortably over the top of the ear to eliminate excess noise.  And, while lightweight, the earphones still feel sturdy.


Frequency Range:  20-15,500 Hz
Impedance:  20 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL):  110 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  NA

The VS2 specifications reveal an earphone with a slightly clipped frequency range.  A low impedance of 20 ohms offer optimal use with portable players and smartphones.  Volume is decent, thanks to a Sound Pressure Level of 110 dB.  Total Harmonic Distortion isn’t given by Clear Tune, but I’d peg it somewhere around <0.2% – these earphones are very clean.

Low End

Sporting a strong and lively bass, the low end of the VS2 also hosts decent control.  While minimal bleed still presents itself on occasion, a decent amount of detail is delivered with commendable clarity.  Overall, this low end offers a listening experience best described as “fun.”


Ample detail and decent clarity pop out in the midrange.  Despite a slight amount of compression, the sound remains relatively clean and articulate, with no real distortion to derail the experience.

High End

The high end of the VS2 leans bright, but still offers strong details.  At times peaky or piercing, the high end will fall short of universal appeal.  However, the strong performance compliments the lows and mids, leading to a powerful – yet balanced – sound.


In the Clear Tune VS2, depth and placement come together, offering a realistic sense of space.  While still paling in comparison to high-end open-back headphones, these in-ear monitors offer a rich, intoxicating soundstage that will drag you in for hours of euphoria.

Other Observations

Comfort.  Every model in the VS (Vintage Series) lineup is a dream to wear.  Once these things are in, you can just forget about them and concentrate on the music.

The overall sound of these earphones is a little complex.  I don’t know of any other earphones that offer such a dynamic and balanced sound.


You could get more low-end or high-end detail from Shure or Klipsch products, respectively.  However, you’ll lose the VS2’s excellent mids and resulting sense of balance.

Where this earphone really distinguishes itself is in its relaxed performance – the sound, despite powerful lows and highs, never grows too uncomfortable, but remains tempered by an expansive midrange.  Indeed, the VS2 easily handles critical listening or the casual escape on the morning commute.

Final Analysis

Strutting a fine line between dynamic and balanced sound, the Clear Tune VS2 offers a unique listening experience.  Casual listeners and audiophiles will both enjoy this sound, and at $399, this earphone remains an absolute steal. Get your pair of VS2s at the Clear Tune Store at Audio 46.