The FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier: So Small, So Sweet, We Could Forgive You for Mistaking It for a Hunk of Chocolate.

You have a set of headphones that you adore but they aren’t Bluetooth compatible and you want to use them on the go; is the solution is the FiiO BTR1? 

The BTR1 only weighs 20.5 grams, and is roughly the dimensions of a couple of quarters long and about a quarter wide.

You could plug in those great headphones and clip the FiiO BTR1 to your jogging outfit and then stow your smartphone in a smarter fashion.


After pairing my iPhone 6 and the BTR1, (by powering up the unit by holding down the power button for five seconds and getting the red light). I did the “test drive” and put the Bluetooth headphone amp in my jacket pocket and my iPhone in another one went for a brisk city walk. The result: no dropped packets, no signal interruptions. Switching between the BTR1 and the iPhone 6 via the headphone jack produced no discernible difference. The headphones I used were a respectable pair of SOL Republic Master Tracks.

FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier specs from the manufacturer:

The BTR1’s range was good for 30 feet line of sight and about half as much going around a corner while connected to an iPhone 6; Android distances might be spotty, depending on manufacturer and operating system. Using Qualcomm aptX gives a good audio transfer quality but it is compressed so audiophiles may quibble some about the compression.  The Audio to digital conversion is done via the AK4376 chip, which offers up to 32bit at 384kHz sampling rate.

The BTR1’s construction is all aluminum except for the plastic bottom, which is necessary for Bluetooth reception. The clip is sturdy and thus secures the unit so it wont slip once affixed properly.

The when using the BTR1 usual precautions apply: don’t use it in the desert because FiiO does warranty the unit above 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and below freezing isn’t recommended either. As far as using it underwater that’s a super big NO.  All told the BRT1 by FiiO is a Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier that while being diminutive and feather-light manages to punch above it’s weight-class.


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