HiFiMan SUSVARA is the newest addition to HiFiMan’s renowned headphone line-up and will cost you a hefty $6000 to take home.

HiFiMan SUSVARA $6000 Headphone

But SUSVARA sounds like it is worth the price. The planar magnetic open-back headphone features a specially engineered Nanotech driver that measures less than 0.001 mm. That’s microscopically thin! I’m hyperbolizing a bit, but it is so thin that you can’t see the driver if you peer through the thin film of fabric over the ear cups. The driver is said to keep harmonic distortion at a bare minimum of practically zero, especially when hitting higher frequency response. Sensitivity is 83 dB.

The headphone also operates using what is called “Stealth magnets.” Their design is inspired by fighter aircrafts like the F-117, which allow sound to pass through the system without interference.


“Planar magnetic technology is not new, though we have been developing it for nearly a decade now,” says Dr. Fang Bian, founder and president of HiFiMan. “Anyone who has followed our progress, as well as the entire category, has seen and heard enormous strides in the performance of planar headphones. SUSVARA represents yet another step forward in what is possible with planar magnetic technology.”

The headphone is built like other premium, audiophile makes from HiFiMan, with large but comfortable looking earpads, metal grills, and a luxe premium leather floating headband.

HIFiMan SUSVARA, the replacement to Edition 6, is available at HiFiMan. Be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket.