JLab Audio Epic Air Earbuds

If you’re looking for a pair of truly wireless buds that deliver on stability, life span, and sound, JLab Audio Epic Air earbuds look to be it.

JLab Audio Epic Air Earbuds, Truly Wireless Sportbuds

These buds are fashioned to allow for a secure fit while steering clear of any cables. Each ear piece features an over-ear hook. This additional bit of ear-wear, while making for a slightly bigger build than most truly wireless buds, this allows for an even bigger battery than most truly wireless earbuds to fit inside granting the listener up to 7 hours of playtime, according to JLab. That’s a solid 4 hours more than the most celebrated TWS brands on the market to date. With the addition of a portable charging case users gain up to 30 extra hours of use. To boot, the case can be used to charge other items.

JLab Audio Epic Air Earbuds

Seeing as these are fitness buds, the JLab Audio Epic Air earbuds feature an IP (water resistance) rating of 55 meaning the enclosures on the earbuds are able to protect against dust and jetting water. Control over your music and calls is made easy, requiring only a tap or two on each earbud. The right earbud will track forward and track backward and the left earbud will play and pause. Volume can be adjusted through the earbud or your device. The Epic Air also feature a microphone in both earbuds allowing you to activate Siri or Google Assistant, while using either solely or together.

JLab Audio Epic Air earbuds are available have just been made available at select Best Buy stores for $149.99.