Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Ahh. Klipsch. The first “expensive” pair of headphones I bought were the Kilpsch R6i. Listening to those lows changed my world. I’ve had a soft spot for Klipsch ever since. So, I was pumped to finally get the opportunity to try out their top of the line in-ear model, the X20i. Let’s see how they sound in this Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review.

Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

IN the BOX – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Leather carrying case

Tie bar

Five different sized ear tips

One year warranty

FIT and DESIGN – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

The Klipsch fit is pretty unique. It has oval-shaped tips. And the buds on this particular model went so deep into my ear canals that I could taste them. Tastes like chicken. But it feels secure. The cable is not detachable. However, it has a mic and remote, which is unusual for a headphone of this caliber.

SOUND – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Smooth and rich, this U-ish shaped headphone will please listeners of most genres. Let’s talk details…


Klipsch’s lows never disappoint. The bass isn’t huge, but it’s deep enough and has a nice dry grip. What’s impressive about the lows on the X20i is that they’re substantial without bleeding into the rest of the mix. Great separation. Even the muddiest mixes have clarity with respect to the lower frequency range.


Listening to the mids, I noticed quite a bit of dampness. This sound character is not for everyone, but I dig it. In terms of balance, the higher mids are emphasized a little, resulting in some harshness, especially with respect to vocals. In general, the mids are missing. It felt a bit hollow, like a burrito without cheese. Not ideal for big rock choruses. The clarity is decent, but acoustic guitars felt thick, so it might not be ideal for folk.


The highs are smooth and round. Not a huge amount of transparency, but a silky, rich feel that I really enjoyed while listening to jazz and classical. I’m not a fan of piercing highs, and putting these buds through the Miles Davis test, I was happy hear the roll off. Strings also had a nice, buttery feel to them. It’s an extremely easy listening experience in this range. However, those who value clarity over roundness might opt for different buds.


Interesting soundstage. I sensed a lot of width and a decent amount of height, but very little depth. 

SUMMARY – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

I love the richness of sound and the fluidity of the highs. I also love the lows. But rock n’ rollers might not be the best fit for these. However, overall, the Klipsch X20i is a great sounding headphone. Is it $549 worth of great? Hmmm. Klipsch fans might think so.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Frequency range: 5Hz – 40kHz

Sensitivity: 11dB

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Noise isolation: 26dB

Weight: 22 grams