Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

This is your chance to feel closer to Bey or at least look like her… kinda! Meet Pryma, the Beyonce headphones from Lemonade.

This is your chance to feel closer to Bey or at least look like her... kinda! Meet Pryma, the Beyonce headphones from Lemonade.

Pryma, The Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

Yes, that’s what I am calling them.

Beyonce’s well-mastered visual album Lemonade took the internet and social media by storm Saturday night. And while her lyrics have the masses pondering a cheating scandal between her and mogul hubby Jay-Z, audiophiles (or maybe just myself and some friends) were wondering what were those interesting belt-looking headphones atop the 20 time Grammy award-winner’s head while she so eloquently performed the break-up ballad “Sandcastles?”

Well, those hand-crafted cans, inspired by luxury belts and handbags, are of an Italian brand called Pryma. They are said to be the first and only all-handmade Italian headphone line. The shell is of a light-weight aluminum and print-proof coating. The buckle, acting as part of the extender to the leather headband and print-proofed ear cups with plush leather ear cushions, are comprised of copper and stainless steel. Pryma boast that their materials provide “luster that lasts.” The premium built headphones also come with a cable featuring an in-line mic and controller. Due to the design and make of the Queen Bey-endorsed headphones, the headband is interchangeable and the ear cups detachable.

Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

But how do they sound? Well Beyonce is using them so I’m going to assume exceptional! All jokes aside, the headphones should deliver great audio because they’ve been constructed by Sonus Faber – a high end Italian speaker, headphone, and audio company.

Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

The sound reaches a frequency response between 10 – 25,000 Hertz  delivered on 40 mm drivers on an impedance of 32 ohms.

Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

The Beyonce headphones from Lemonade come in shades of Coffee & Cream, Pure Black, Carbon Marsala, Heavy Gold, and Rose Gold & Grey.

Any of these beauties can be yours for $499 at Pryma.