New Skullcandy Stim Headphones, Ultra Portable & Affordable

There looks to be a new addition to Skullcandy’s line of wired headphones. Meet Skullcandy Stim headphones. Ultra portable and affordable.

New Skullcandy Stim Headphones, Ultra Portable & Affordable

The new cans are one of the more simple models from the sports and athleisure-based headphone company. Skullcandy Stim is similar in stature to the Anti and Uproar. In fact, these cans look to meet somewhere in the middle. Stim features a comfortable light and ultra portable frame. It appears to feature a plastic exterior, but the headband is flexible to allow for a more secure fit. The ear cushions are that of pleather-like material that’ll provide a decent barrier between your ears and noisy environments.

Stim is similar to Uproar in that it features controls for taking calls and navigating through your playlists. It differs in that Stim uses an in-line microphone and controller while Uproar’s is built into the ear cup.

Skullcandy Stim headphones will probably run somewhere between $16 and $35 in price. As of yet there is no clear word on the price, but we’ve assumed it’ll probably be between the prices of Anti and Uproar. The headphone is slated for March 1, 2017.

Also to note, Skullcandy now provides a 2-year global warranty as opposed to their previous 1 year limited warranty. The 2-year warranty covers defects and proper function. I’d say this is a pretty cool move on Skullcandy’s part seeing as most manufacturer’s will cover you for one. Way to go Skullcandy!