Skybuds iPhone Charging Case

This has got to be one of the most innovative and efficient products to hit the truly wireless earbuds market since, well, the earbuds themselves. Meet Skybuds iPhone Charging Case or both your iPhone and Skybuds.

New Skybuds iPhone Charging Case Bundle

Truly wireless buds give users complete freedom – ridding their earphones of those nasty neck cables. However, the smaller the buds, the smaller the battery, and the shorter the battery life. Many makes have opted for portable charging cases, which are helpful for rejuicing the buds, but TBH the portable charging case is just another bulky item to throw in your purse or stow in your pocket. But good ole’ Skybuds has come to the rescue, offering a new solution that will charge your iPhone and the Skybuds simultaneously all from the battery built into the case. If the case is low on battery, it can be plugged in, along with your phone and Skybuds to charge all three at the same time. Life just got easier, truly!

Here’s how it all works. Each bud is able to dock itself on either side of the charging case, which looks like a very, very slim right triangle. As a result, the earbuds look to have been slightly modified from a round shape to more of a tear drop to better fit the case. Functionalities of both your phone and Skybuds are possible while docked in the case. When your phone rings, press either Skybud once to eject it and answer the call, then either press the multifunction button once to hang up or place it back in the dock. Users are also able to check the battery life of each Skybud as well as the case using a downloadable companion app.

Skybuds iPhone Charging Case

If you’re wondering how Skybuds sound, we’ve tested these babies and were quite surprised by the clarity and depth of the buds. Skybuds also hold about an hour or two more (4 hours total) than the average truly wireless earbuds (2-3 hours). Read our in-depth review here.

Skybuds advertise the new Skybuds iPhone Charging Case bundle (Skybuds, iPhone 6 or 6S case, interchangeable ear tips, and micro USB cable) in either nimbus grey, horizon gold, or deep space black on their Kickstarter. Though, to my knowledge, the new bundle is not available for purchase as yet. The buds and portable charging case (Skydock) are available and sold on Kickstarter and Skybuds. Once we find out where to get the latest bundle we will update this article.

P.S. Please note, not all projects hosted by crowdfunding platforms come to fruition. Before making a purchase you should read the FAQs of the hosting platform as well as our article on the risks associated with investing in a crowdfunding project.