Nick Jonas Headphones

Wednesday, Altec Lansing announced their collaboration with popstar Nick Jonas to bring fans three wireless Nick Jonas headphones. Yes, that is what I am calling them.

Nick Jonas Headphones Thanks to Altec Lansing

Since 1927, Altec Lansing has been imagining new ways to experience sound and now they are proud to work with the wildly popular pop singer Nick Jonas. June 15 they launched a new line of premium audio products – two wireless options to be exact.

Nick Jonas Headphones

Jonas spoke to PEOPLE about teaming up with the nearly 90-year old company, saying he wanted his fans to enjoy music the “right way.”
“As a musician one of the most important things is to make sure your music is heard the right way,” he said.

Jonas told InStyle, he was turned onto Altec Lansing when someone happened to bring one of the audio company’s products to his house.

“I was really eager to expand my creative outlets beyond just music and acting,” he revealed. “Altec Lansing was initially brought to my attention because someone brought one of the speakers to my house and played some music on it, and I thought it sounded incredible.”

Nick Jonas Headphones

The pairing brings fans two types of Nick Jonas headphones – active noise cancelling over-ear headphones and Bluetooth earbuds. They come in black and white as well as color options with shiny accents in black, silver, champagne, or rose gold. I’ll take rose gold!

At this time, I am unaware of the specs on either of these models, but I hope they deliver a sound quality that matches their aesthetics.

Altec Lansing seems to be a headphones company invested in creativity and stepping outside of the box. Earlier this year at CES, they unveiled a pair of headphones with a built-in go-pro like camera specifically designed with DJs in mind. I could only imagine the amazing shots a festival DJ could achieve. I’m interested to know what will come out next from this company.