Oculus Rift Earphones

Oculus Rift has got a new product to take your virtual reality gaming experience to the next level. Get ready for Oculus Rift earphones.

Meet Oculus Rift Earphones

Virtual reality is meant to be a completely immersive and realistic experience. That’s why VR headsets, like the Oculus Rift are designed with built-in on-ear headphones. However, that method has its vice. Users are more prone to hearing exterior noises. In-ear buds offer a better means to isolate oneself from their surroundings, as the ear tips are inserted into your ear canal. That being said, Oculus Rift earphones are specially designed with that purpose in mind.

Oculus Rift Earphones

As Tech Nutty writes, “Oculus says that the Oculus Rift earphones are ‘next-level audio integration’ for the Rift, providing ‘new sound solution to satisfy even the most serious audiophiles.'”

The buds are installed at both ends of the headset, so they dangle at the sides when not in use. Wearers have said the buds are pretty easy to install.

When it comes to experience, it sounds as if these buds do the trick. As a writer at Engadget admits, when testing out the earphones at the Superhot demo booth at Oculus Connect 3, he was startled every time one of Superhot’s developers tapped him. He also said the buds were very comfortable to wear and “blocked out almost all outside noise.” Sounds like they get the job done. Oculus Rift earphones are available for pre-order on October 10 for $49 and will officially launch December 6.