Oriolus Japan IEMs with 10 Drivers to Take CanJam NYC 2018

Oriolus Japan Oriolus Reborn
Oriolus Reborn

Appearing for the first time at CanJam NYC 2018 will be Japanese audio makers Oriolus Japan by Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.

Oriolus Japan IEMs with 10 Drivers to Take CanJam NYC 2018

The company has the sole mission to achieve the utmost purity in sound. Oriolus seems able to do so by creating a ten driver in-ear monitor and a quad driver in-ear monitor. The company is announced as one of the exhibitors at this year’s CanJam in NYC will probably get you excited once you read about two of their premium in-ear monitors.

Oriolus Reborn is a second rehash at the company’s famed Oriolus 2nd Gen. The unit is a hybrid IEM comprised of 3 balanced armature drivers and a single dynamic driver to reproduce the sound of live performance. The IEM is designed to work specially with the handcrafted PW audio No.5 cord. This too has seen an upgrade. The new cable retains high quality 7n OCC that is often found in other high end audio products, but the 2-pin sockets have been altered to feature higher quality gold plating material to improve the transmission of the audio and provide smooth audio playback. Oriolus also used a special Rhodium plated 3.5mm jack to further retain the quality and emphasize treble. Nice! Oriolus Reborn reaches a frequency response of 5Hz-40kHz on an impedance of 16 ohms. Reborn retails for $880.

Oriolus Japan Mellianus

Their other pride and joy is Oriolus Japan Mellianus, a 10 driver powerhouse. The balanced armatures inside are protected by a titanium alloy shell specially selected for its durability and portability, which is said to make the overall feel of the IEM quite light. As for the sound, it is said to be high-res. I can only imagine how the sonic clarity must be off the charts. The accompanying cable is a single crystal silver oil-immersed cable to ensure accurate sound and delivery of smooth bass and treble across the frequency response range of 10Hz-40kHz on an impedance of 36 ohms. Not to mention, this unit is very pretty. It looks like a piece of jewelry. Oriolus Japan Mellianus retails for $2,390.

Oriolus Japan is definitely on my wish list to sample at this year’s CanJam NYC. If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest in CanJam NYC news, head over to our “CanJam NYC 2018 New Headphones, Discounts, Exhibitors, Predictions” article.