final audio f7200 vs dunu dk-3001 1

Final Audio F7200 vs DUNU DK-3001 Comparison Review

Both Final Audio and DUNU have released impressive earphones over the years. Their products have often struck me as unique, most notably Final Audio’s...


Audeze LCD-X Music Creator

Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package is Only $1199

For a limited time, Audeze is offering a pretty sweet deal for all of their audiophiles who are also artists as the Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package is only $1199. Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package...
HiFiMAN Sundara

New Release HiFiMAN Sundara

After making its debut at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, it's time we welcomed the newest addition to the HiFiMAN family. Introducing HiFiMAN Sundara. New Release HiFiMAN Sundara The new headphone, like its predecessors, is an open-back...