Cheap Sports Earphones? – Sbode Wireless Sports Earphones Review

sbode 08 wireless sports earphones good headset for sports

The Sbode 08 wireless sports earphones sell for just $23.99. This is one of the least expensive wireless earphones I’ve seen on the market, so I’m curious to see if they are worth a purchase. If you’re looking for a wireless sports earphone, would these get the job done if you’re on a budget? Today I’ll find out with this Sbode wireless sports earphones review.

Cheap Sports Earphones? – Sbode Wireless Sports Earphones Review

In the Box

-Sbode Wireless Sports Earphones

-Silicone eartips – small, medium, and large

-Wire tie

-Micro USB charging cable

-Semi-hard shell carrying case


Sbode 08 wireless sports earphones cheapest wireless earphones

Design – Sbode Wireless Sports Earphones Review

Fit and Comfort

The Sbode wireless sports earphones have a hook-around-the-ear style. The driver housing attached right to the battery. As a result, the earphones are a bit bulky and sometimes uncomfortable because my ear makes contact with the battery. However, I was impressed because the earphones fit well in my ears and stayed in securely. They might not be good for long duration use, but they would work for the length of a workout. Additionally, the earphones have a built-in microphone and remote for controlling playback and taking phone calls.


The cable of the Sbode wireless sports earphones is short and tangle-free. Therefore, it is unlikely to get caught up, tangled, or snagged on anything. It is made of plastic and silicone, however it feels thick and pretty durable actually, especially for just over $20. Additionally, this headset has a Ipx7 waterproof rating so it could handle your sweat, even if you’re working out in the rain.


The Sbody wireless headset connects to Bluetooth enabled devices via Bluetooth 4.1. It’s range wasn’t as great as I’ve seen, but it still functioned okay. It stayed connected for a little under 30 feet before beginning to break up. However, the in-ears do have a pretty impressive battery life, lasting for about 6-8 hours. Additionally, it can recharge fully in about 1.5 hours.

Sbode 08 wireless sports earphones cheapest wireless in-ears

Sound – Sbode Wireless Sports Earphones Review


The first thing I noticed when I put the Sbode in-ear headphones on is that they have pretty impressive noise isolation. Additionally, they are loud! I kept my phone on the first or second volume bar and they were comfortably loud. Going up from there you can really get these earphones cranking, although they start to distort as the volume goes up. I recommend using caution when listening that loudly to prevent hearing damage.

Low Frequencies

The low frequencies and low mid are boosted A LOT. For those that like a lot of bass, you’ll be stoked with these earphones. However, if you prefer clarity and accuracy, you won’t be thrilled with the sound quality of the Sbode earphones. The lows and low mids are a bit cloudy because of their big boost, but they are most impressive with hip-hop and pop.

Mid Range Frequencies

The high mids are a little bit modest and underwhelming. As a result, the earphones aren’t harsh, but they also lack a little bit of excitement. If it’s up to me, I think this is a positive trait, rather than being harsh and pain inducing in those frequencies. They also did a good job of taming overly bright recordings.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies are boost a bit, so vocals and cymbals maintain their place in the mix. However, as a result of the midrange cut, they sound a little bit unnatural to my ear.

Overview – Sbode Wireless Sports Earphones Review

Overall, the Sbode wireless sports earphones are super functional and well done for just $23.99. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive pair of sports earphones, these will definitely get the job done for you. Don’t expect amazing sound quality, but know that they’ll last and stay connected for the length of your workout.

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