Sony CES 2018 New Releases

Sony CES 2018 New Releases Sony WF-SP700N
WF-SP700N (PRNewsfoto/Sony Electronics)

Sony has released a few new headphones at CES including a new wireless line-up and a rehash of an old favorite. Read up on the new releases in our “Sony CES 2018 New Releases” article.

Sony CES 2018 New Releases

Taking an upgrade on an old favorite, Sony’s launched the Sony MDR-1AM2. The headphone is designed to fit and sit better than its predecessor. It’s also more lightweight.  In terms of sound, this headphone is said to follow the phenomenal sound direction of the MDR-Z1R. The headphones are fit with 40mm HD driver units that feature aluminium-coated liquid crystal polymer diaphragms to support every fine distinction with perfect reproduction and is compatible with up to 100 kHz frequencies playback. Sony MDR-1AM2 will retail for $299 in Spring 2018.

Sony’s new wireless spread includes a truly wireless model called the WF-SP700N. The wire-free model includes noise-cancelling technology to allow users to truly tune the world out. The bud features a sports fin to securely keep the buds in place. A smart move on Sony’s part as I’ve found these type of TWS models are my fave. the frame is also splashproof at an IP rating of IPX4. This sounds like a great pair for commuters and fitness buffs alike. The wire-free bud only supports a life of three hours which needs improvement in my mind, but a portable charging case can get you two additional full charges. As for sound, these buds should provide the signature Sony sound as well as Sony’s EXTRA BASS.

Sony CES 2018 New Releases Sony WI-SP600N
WI-SP600N (PRNewsfoto/Sony Electronics)

Sony WI-SP600N is similar to that of the WF-SP700N, except it features an in-line remote and mic on the cable connecting the two sides of the earbud. Like it’s completely cable-free brethren, the WI-SP600N is equipped with active noise cancelling technology, a splashproof exterior, a sport fin-equipped frame, and Sony’s EXTRA BASS sound. By design, these buds support a six-hour battery life.

Sony CES 2018 New Releases Sony WI-SP500
Sony WI-SP500 (PRNewsfoto/Sony Electronics)

Sony also released a wireless earbud that is slender in comparison to the other two models. It is called WI-SP500.

P.S. All three models can connect using NFC technology and are compatible with the Sony Connect app. Sony WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, and WI-SP500 will be available in Spring 2018 retailing at $179.99, $149.99, and $79.99, respectively.

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