Sudio NIVA Truly Wireless Earphones

Sudio NIVA Truly Wireless Earphones

Sudio Sweden, the beautiful minimalist headphone company has released their first pair of truly wireless earbuds. Meet Sudio Niva truly wireless earbuds.

Sudio NIVA Truly Wireless Earphones

Build & Design

These tiny white earbuds look like what we all probably hoped Apple AirPods would look like. They are white, teardrop shaped earbud housings designed to comfortably nestle themselves in the conch of your ear. Thanks to their incredibly lightweight and slim design, Sudio NIVA is very easy to wear for long periods of time. The buds also stay put quite well. They ship along with 3 sets of gray silicone tips for users to find the optimal fit. There are rose gold multifunction buttons on each earpiece. While the right button is the master bud, both earbuds’ multifunction buttons can be used to pause and play your music, skip forward a track, as well as answer and end calls. This is clutch because I live in New York and more often than not wind up as a bag lady at the end of the day. Having the versatility to quickly answer a call or seamlessly switch a track regardless of which hand is free, is true liberation. P.S. Volume is controlled on your paired device, which is a common denominator among most TWS buds.

Connectivity & Pairing

The process of connecting the two earpieces to one another (and then to your phone) is much easier than what I’ve experienced with other TWS buds. Simply press the rose gold multifunction button on both earpieces until the LED indicator is a blinking blue light. A voice prompt will say that both of the earpieces are on, followed by a notification that the two earpieces are then synced. Once your device is in pairing mode “Sudio NIVA” will appear on your phone. Once selected you will hear a final notification that your buds are synced to the device.

In order to conserve battery, I found that the buds shot off after 10 minutes or so (I’m approximating) if they aren’t used. The battery life of these buds are about the same (and in some cases better) than the competition, supporting a 3.5 hour run time. They are accompanied by a portable charging case that stores up to 3 additional charges and provides a quick charge of 10 minutes.

FYI, the earpieces and charging case are built with magnets so the buds snap into their charging units and stay there. The buds’ LED indicator turns red when charging in the case. The case itself is small and lightweight. It features LED lights on the front to indicate how many charges are left. My only vice is that the case isn’t as strong as I’d prefer, but it protects the buds which matters most.


Sudio NIVA provides audio with decent bass. It’s present and it’s punchy without becoming too muddy. It sounds great with EDM, hip-hop, and other bass-heavy tracks. The sub-bass rattles just enough. The mids are lively and offer a full sound with detail. At times the mids are positioned a bit further back than I’d like. But this definitely doesn’t deter me from these $109 wire-free buds. The highs unfortunately suffer from the same condition as the mids – positioning. The highs aren’t as forward as I’d like. They are present and audible, but positioning causes them to lose some of their sparkle because the detail isn’t as sharp or as audible as it could be. Again, I’d still rock with these cute-looking and good-sounding truly wireless earbuds – especially for the price. Full volume is just fine for me, but I think some users (usually bass heads) may wish for the Sudio Sweden NIVA to push it’s output level just a little bit further.

If interested in this pretty well-priced truly wireless earbud, head over to Sudio’s website. P.S. It’s also available in black. Oh, and our special readers can grab them at 15% OFF with code¬†MAJORHIFI15.


Frequency Response: 18 Hz – 22 kHz
Driver: 6.2 mm Dynamic
Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Run Time: 3.5Hrs
Portable Charger: 3 Full Charges
Charging Time: 1Hr