Tribit XFree Tune Sports 24 Hour Battery Life [Review]

Tribit XFree Tune Sports 24 Hour Battery Life [Review]

If you aren’t up to breaking the bank in order to cut the cords, you should look towards this super affordable wireless headphone sporting a 24 hour battery life. Tribit XFree Tune.

Tribit XFree Tune Sports 24 Hour Battery Life [Review]

FYI: First things first! This headphone takes 3 hours to charge out of the box. Kind of a bummer, but that’s the price you pay for a cost effective wireless headphone.

Build & Design

The headphone is comprised of pretty solid material, especially for only costing $50. It’s got the type of durability that feels like you could drop it off a few stories from a building and it’ll be ready to go, regardless.┬áThe headband has just the right amount of plush to give you a nice and comfy fit. It’s also really flexible. I literally twisted the headband like a Twizzler and it snapped back to its former with no problem. The ear cushions are about a good inch of plushy fabric which also makes for a pleasant listening experience. My only real vice about the build is how heavy the headphone feels on your head. I’m not sure of how long one would be able to listen to this for. Oh, and the headphone’s frame is collapsible which is something hard to find with over-ear headphones under the $100 mark. So this feature is a plus in my book.


There are buttons built on to the ear cups. The power button, which also acts as pause and play button, is positioned towards the front of the ear cup and the volume controls are positioned towards the back. The volume up button also acts as the skip forward control once you press and hold the volume up button. The volume down button does the same for navigating backwards in your playlist.


Overall, this headphone delivers pretty clean sound – especially considering it is only $50. The lows are nice and punchy which makes this headphone a good option for bass heads. The mids are lively and full with a good amount of detail. The highs also perform quite well without becoming too bright. Also, for the small, but mighty group of headphone enthusiasts looking for “really loud” headphones, Tribit XFree Tune definitely falls into that category, listening at about half volume was more than enough for me. I did turn it up all the way (my poor hair cells), and the headphones can really push the limit. However, your music will distort

Overall Performance

I’d say for a $50 is delivering way more than its competition. Many other headphones at this price point lack in sound, build quality, and connectivity. This headphone surprisingly delivers on all three. It’s sturdy and built to last. The sound is pretty clean, it connects quite easily, and doesn’t lag.

Bluetooth Version: 4.1
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz
THD: 0.1%
Battery Life: 24 Hours
Charging Time: 3 Hrs
Weight: 288g/ O.63 lbs

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