iBand Plus

This smart headband plays audio and visual cues to encourage lucid dreaming so you get a better night’s rest and have a more productive work day. Meet iBand Plus.

Wake Up Refreshed with iBand Plus

Lucid dreaming is a state in which the dreamer is aware they are in a dream. Researchers and psychologists have found that lucid dreaming improves artistic creativity, problem solving, and even language skills. iBand Plus induces lucid dreaming by way of acting like an EEG to read and understand your brainwaves. From its findings it segues sleepers into a state of lucid dreaming as well as help users fall asleep with soothing ambient sounds that adjust according to the dreamer’s stage of rest.

EEG dry electrodes along the band are able to read your brain waves while health tracking sensors measure your heart rate, body temperature, and body movement. With this information an advanced auto-learning software algorithm uses the information to adjust audio and visual signals enabled throughout the headband to bring about lucid dreams, help you fall asleep in what feels to be a more natural way, and wake up naturally.

iBand Plus

The headband does this by playing music from an audiobook library and your own music. Visual signals are created by LEDs located right above your eyes are activated. Since iBand Plus is paired with your cellphone over Bluetooth, your device keeps records and monitors your sleep cycle and other vitals through a companion app. The headband ensures you start your day refreshed, rather than groggy, with an advanced smart alarm feature. Wearers are waken up gradually by simulated natural sunlight and sounds (audio and visual cues) at the most optimum period of their sleep cycle.

If you are interested in a better night’s rest, head over to Indiegogo to pre-order iBand Plus at a discounted price of $169 before it hits the market at the suggested retail price of $309.