About Us

Located in Midtown Manhattan, MajorHiFi covers news and emerging audio trends, while also offering in-depth reviews, stress-tests, and product unboxings.  Dedicated to educating and serving the Audiophile Community, we strive to provide a clear and impartial source of information regarding headphones, earphones, speakers, and audio components.

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Our Staff:

Tony A, Executive Editor




Gabby Bloch, Reviewer

Gabby is a composer, songwriter and music producer who has worked in the music, film, and commercial industries for too long.


Garrett Kemp, Reviewer

Garrett is a sound designer and engineer from the United States of New Jersey. Outside of MajorHiFi, he produces music and audio content for film, video games, and other media.


Evan Caplinger, Reviewer

Evan is a music composer who’s been excited about headphones for years now.


Carroll Moore, Reviewer

Carroll is a writer, photographer, and audiophile residing in Brooklyn.



Steph Durwin, Reviewer

Steph is a musician, recordist, mixer, and producer.  In addition to longform written reviews, he also handles the MajorHiFi Youtube channel.


Dylan Franz-Richterson, Reviewer

Dylan is a washed-up lacrosse player, amateur astronomer and a tone-deaf lover of all things music.


Steven Newcastle, Reviewer

An audio engineer living in Brooklyn, Steven spends his spare time creating electronic music.


Sade Spence, Reviewer

Sade is a journalist talking all things tech.



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