About Us

About Us MajorHiFi is a New York based tech blog focused on headphones. We feature unboxing, in depth reviews, stress test, emerging audio trends, and anything else an audiophile would want to know about. Our goal is to educate and serve those who aspire to find that perfect set of headpones. Whether they are for every day listening, professional recording / mixing, or if gaming is what you are about, we have you covered. If you would like to find out more about what we do here at MajorHiFi, or would like to make a submission of your own, feel free to contact us. Check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, for the latest news!


Steph is a musician, recordist, mixer, and producer. His experience with technology and his passion for the art form of recordings makes his reviews technical, yet creative. He focuses firstly on the emotional impact of the gear on the listening experience. Then, he uses his technical knowledge to hypothesize about how and why it performs well.


Garrett is a sound designer and engineer from the United States of New Jersey. Outside of MajorHiFi, he produces music and audio content for film, video games, and other media. He is overenthusiastic about Beyerdynamic DT 1990s, Android operating systems, and pizza. 


Carroll is a headphone junkie residing in Brooklyn.  He's a huge fan of Grado, UK hip hop, and the English language in general.  When not testing audio equipment or writing, you'll find him taking photographs.


Sade is a journalist talking all things tech.


Gabby is a composer and songwriter who has worked in the music, film and commercial industry for over 10 years. She has written a number of pop songs for major catalogues, including Sony and Universal. Some of her more notable film and commercial work includes music for Sesame Street, TD Ameritrade and the New York City Ballet. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY, and is in the midst of completing her first solo album.


An audio engineer living in Brooklyn, NY, Steven spends his spare time enjoying the sounds of ethereal indie rock and creating electronic music.