Protect Your Ears! – Ear Jellies Earplugs Review

Ear Jellies Earplugs Review Best Earplugs for Sleep

As an audio engineer and audiophile alike, hearing protection is a big deal for me. My ears are quite literally my money makers. The thought of hurting my career and passion due to hearing damage is scary to say the least. Therefore, I always carry earplugs in my pocket wherever I go. That is why, when I was contacted by Ear Jellies to review their ultra low-pressure, heat softening earplugs, I was intrigued. How do they stand up to other earplugs on the market? Today, I’ll put them to the test with this Ear Jellies earplugs review.

Protect Your Ears! – Ear Jellies Earplugs Review


Look and Feel

The Ear Jelly earplugs look almost like candy. They have a cute look design with a round end on one side and a flat end on the other. They are made of squishy, viscoelastic silicone. The earplugs came with an instruction sheet which explained how to to roll the round end between your fingers so that it stretches and extends outward. In that sense, they seemed somewhat similar to the foam plugs I had grown so accustomed to. However, as I rolled the tips with my fingers, it was clear the Ear Jellie earplugs were unique among the other plugs I’ve tried.

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As I stuck the Ear Jellies earplugs in my ears, I didn’t quite get it. As it turns out, I didn’t stick them far enough in my ear canal. After trying a few more times, I started to get the hang of it.

The earplugs were sort of cold in my ear at first. However after a few minutes they warmed up. Not until the earplugs were fully extended did I appreciate their comfort. It was as if nothing was there, which is a relief because my eardrums are often very sensitive to the build up of pressure. As a result, I often would find myself taking my old earplugs in and out throughout the night just to let the eardrum breath. I didn’t have such an urge with these.

Performance for Various Applications


I do quite a bit of travelling with my band and I can’t tell you the number of times I had wished for an earplug like Ear Jellies for sleep. I sleep on my side and it was always so frustrating to try to hit the hay in a noisy house. My earplugs would stick out and poke at my ear uncomfortably. The Ear Jellies, though, were a brilliant solution, not only because they didn’t stick far out of my ear, but because they stayed in place. I highly recommend using these for sleep if you need to block out some noise.


The Ear Jellies performed well when I used them to commute in the often unforgiving New York City. They were nice for long subway rides. I could really get into a good book without competing with the incessant noise from the tracks below. Additionally, they fit and stayed put even while I wore a winter hat and hood which is more I can say for other larger earplugs.


While the Ear Jellies have a solid noise reduction rating of 25 dB, I was less impressed with them for concert applications. Because I like to take earplugs in and out at concerts to mingle with friends, I found the long expansion time (3 minutes) a bit excessive and I struggled to make the seal quickly. As a result, it was a lot easier to just use my foam plugs or my comply plugs for showtime.


The Ear Jellies earplugs are a wonderful options for folks who need a soft earplug for sleeping or commuting. They block out a good amount of sound, they are comfortable, and they work with all ear sizes. They take a little time to place in your ear and expand. However, it is well worth it so long as you aren’t rushed to block the sound (like at a concert or perhaps on a construction site).

The Ear Jellies earplugs are available for pre-order here:

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