Waterfi Bone Conduction Headphones Allow Swimmers to Hear Music Without Covering Ears

Waterfi Bone Conduction

Surfers, divers, & mermaids Waterfi Bone Conduction headphones may be the answer to all of your underwater listening needs.

Waterfi Bone Conduction Headphones Allow Swimmers to Hear Music Without Covering Ears

Bone conduction is a type of headphone that is gradually making its way into the headphone market. While this type of headphone has been around for years, it’s not as widespread as the current popular truly wireless trend. Maybe in 2019 we can make bone conduction really happen. Regardless, there are a few making their way to market and this would be the newest hoping to make it to market as it is vying for your love and monetary affection on Kickstarter.

Bone conduction headphones are a great way to free up your “outer” ear while still providing music to your “inner” ear. It works by vibrating the bones in your inner ear (cheek bone & jaw bones). This allows you to hear music without covering your ears.

These headphones are designed with a cable that rests behind the head and two bone conducting units that sit on top of and slightly around your ears, secured by your swimming googles. The exterior of Waterfi is completely enclosed in super soft silicone to make for a very comfortable fit as well as protect the headphones against drops, shocks, snow, salt water, hot water, dirt, but not fire, which is made clear by Waterfi.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try bone conduction out for myself, but from the few people I’ve talked with that have tried it out, they say this type of technology sounds like music is in the middle of your head. Interesting for sure!

If Waterfi sounds right up your alley, it is available on Kickstarter and starts at $99.

Crowdfunding Disclaimer: If you’re investing in a prototype hosted on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, be wary. Not all projects hosted by crowdfunding platforms come to fruition. Before making a purchase you should read the FAQs of the hosting platform as well as our article on the risks associated with investing in a crowdfunding projects.