Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

MajorHifi: Mr. Speaker Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Review

The Focal Elear and the open-back Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow have reached the same price point. It’s a tough choice to make, especially since they have such different technologies and sound signatures.  Which is objectively better? And can this question even be answered when comparing such high quality headphones. I’ll do my best to make your decision easier.

Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

IN the BOX – Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Focal Elear
2 – meter audio fabric covered cable with dual 3.5mm and ¼” plug 4-meter audio cable with dual 3.5mm plugs on one end and straight 1/4″ plug
Clamshell carry case Storage case
Tuning Material
Cleaning cloth
2 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty


 FIT – Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

The Aeon is an egg shaped fit and has leather earpads, while the Elear has the classic round earcup and memory foam material earpads. Aeon’s narrow pads fit perfectly on my small ears, but it might bother people with bigger ones. That being said, it’s a slightly snugger feel over the ears than the Focal Elear. Because of the big differences in shape, I hesitate to say which one is a better fit. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference. But if you’re a traditionalist, you’ll probably prefer the Focal Elear. And it might just be the most comfortable choice.

DESIGN and FEATURES – Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

I’ll start by saying that the Focal Elear has a really, really long cable.  If you’re listening at home, this isn’t too much of an issue.  But if you’re going to be walking around, you’ll need something shorter. Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow’s cable is flexible, made with a material cover and is much easier to deal with. In terms of appearance, I would quickly choose the Aeon. It’s just cooler; it’s got shiny, metallic-blue ear cups, and the slim leather headband floats below a very thin metal overlay. Compared to the Aeon, the Elear feels bulky. But the weight is similar. If you want to go for sturdiness over minimalist design, I’d choose the Focal Elear. It’s yoke is made from solid aluminum, and it has a serious leather/material headband.

I feel like I’m comparing apples to oranges. This makes sense considering how different they are in technological design. The Focal Elear has snazzy dome shaped speakers, while the Aeon Flow boasts planar magnetic technology. But I’m not here to mull over tech specs. Let’s talk about how they sound!

SOUND – Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

They are so vastly different in their sound profiles that it almost seems silly to decide which is the better headphone. Overall, the Focal Elear is a dryer, tighter feel. The Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow seems to be better balanced, and make for an easier listening experience all around. But the Elear has a clarity which the Aeon can’t match. And if you’re doing some critical listening, I would say that the Elear does a better job at accurately portraying the instruments.


The Aeon’s bass is smooth and velvety. Not particularly heavy, but well defined. The bass on the Elear feels deeper and punchier. If you like pop, hip-hop or EDM, you might enjoy the bass on the Focal Elear more.


The upper mids curve nicely on the Aeon to the extent that they almost almost make upper mids on the Elear seem a bit harsh. The Elear conveys more emphasis in the upper midrange, while its lower midrange seems a little hollower in comparison to the Aeon. In the lower midrange, I would choose the Aeon over the Elear. And, especially listening to rock, I think I preferred the Aeon. But in terms of sharpness in this range, the Focal Elear takes the cake.


The highs on the Focal Elears are more emphasized. The highs on the Mr. Speakers Aeon have a gorgeous roundness to them that almost make the Elear seem too crystal at higher volumes. The treble range on the Aeon is just easier to listen to.  When it came to classical music, I preferred the smoothness of the Aeons.


Here, there’s no competition. The Focal Elear has a wider soundstage than the Mr. Speaker Aeon. The Elear has a beautiful grandness, which is a little lacking in the Aeon. So, if you value serious broadness in your listening experience, you might be disappointed by the Mr. Speaker Aeon Flow.

In all around sound definition and accuracy, I would have to say that the Focal Elear is superior.  But if you enjoy a rich midrange and a general sweetness in sound, you’ll prefer the Aeon. How should I put this? If you want to swim deep in crisp, clear water, go with the Focal Elear. But if you prefer to take it easy in a warm, silky bath, go with the Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow. Or maybe you want to swim in both, depending on your mood. Choices, choices…

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SPECIFICATIONS – Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Versus Focal Elear Headphones Review

Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open Focal Elear
Sensitivity 95 dB 104 dB
Frequency Response Not specified 5 Hz-23kHz
Impedance 13 Ohms 80 Ohms
Weight 321 gr 15.87 oz


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