1MORE Stylish TWS Review

1MORE Stylish TWS Review single earpiece

True Wireless.  More and more are making their way to my review desk, here at the MajorHiFi review headquarters.  But what’s one more to review?  The 1MORE Stylish TWS retails for a budget-friendly $99.99.  But how does it sound?  And is that sound worth the price?

1MORE Stylish TWS Review

1MORE Stylish TWS Review earphones showing faceplate

The Stylish TWS comes in your standard retail package.  A charging case, carrying case, micro-USB charging cable, four pairs of eartips, and three pairs of in-ear hooks all come included.

Contrary to the nomenclature and branding of 1MORE, the Stylish TWS doesn’t seem all that stylish.  Sure, it’s not exactly ugly.  Sure, it’s sleek and a little sexy.  It’s lightweight and appears to be well-built.  But more than appearing to be a stylish true wireless earphone, it’s a fun earphone.

Running on Bluetooth 5, the Stylish TWS offers a whopping 6.5 hours on the earpieces, extending up to 24 hours with the supplied charging case.  Pairing seems suspiciously easy, and call quality feels pretty standard.  That being said, the earphones still supply a good deal of isolation.

Fit is surprising decent, with the range of eartips and ear hooks allowing you to find an optimal fit.  Once placed in the ear with the hook in place, the Stylish TWS doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of falling out.  You could fall down a flight of stairs and knock out all of your teeth and these ‘phones would still be pumping some righteous jams.

1MORE Stylish TWS Review included accessories

Low End

When it comes to the low end, the Stylish TWS delivers the goods.  This earphone sounds incredibly fun, with an articulate but powerful bass response.  Hip hop and rock tracks spring to life with a bumping, rollicking throb that forces toes to tap and heads to bang.  But there’s still detail at play here – not a lot, but enough to do justice to more intricate tracks.


Clean and clear, the mids reveal no distortion and very little compression.  Overall, the mids deliver solid detail with vocals sounding particularly three-dimensional.  Instrumentation doesn’t suffer here, though, and as I focus on one versus the other, they both sound equally present and intimate. Whether listening to Dean Martin, MC Chris, or Barry White, the result is the same:  a luscious, multi-faceted sound that nails every syllable while keeping backing tunes succinct and lifelike.

High End

Not bright, the high end sounds just a little rolled-off, but still offers good fidelity.  Like male vocals in the mids, female vocals in the highs sound particularly powerful.  Instrumentation remains vibrant, never overpowering lyrics, but still exact and precise.  While great for pop and electronica, this high end holds up when it comes to classical tunes, too.


For a wireless in-ear headphone, the Stylish TWS offers a good sense of depth.  In terms of space, the soundstage may land on the narrower side.  However, for most tracks – including my test tracks for hip hop, rock, pop, and electronica, the soundstage is still roomy enough to keep things fun and engaging.  Classical and jazz tracks seem to suffer just a tiny bit from the narrower space, but given all the other things that the Stylish TWS does right, I can accept this one shortcoming.

1MORE Stylish TWS Review earphone and in-ear hook seen from side


If you’re in the market for a true wireless earphone under $100, the 1MORE Stylish TWS offers a surprisingly fun and intoxicating sound.  If you need the absolute best sound quality (or you want a better sound for classical or jazz tunes), my recommendation would go to the Sennheiser Momentum TW.  At $299, this model is still the cock of the walk, but it will cost you three times as much as a budget model.

For bass heads, and for folks who want a wireless exercise bud, the JBL Tune 120TWS is the only real contender here.  Also priced at $99, the 120TWS offers a bit more bass at the expense of overall detail.

Personally, I find it hard to beat the 1MORE Stylish TWS in terms of overall sound quality.  Even after my listening sessions were over, I found myself returning to the earphones, turning them on, popping them in, and rocking out.  Over and over again.

1MORE Stylish TWS Review inside and outside

Final Analysis

Cheap, comfortable, easy to use, and housing an addicting sound, the 1MORE Stylish TWS constitutes a fantastic piece of audio magic.  At $99, these earphones don’t just present a solid value, but they issue a clear and serious challenge to any would-be competitors.  If you want to get rid of wires but keep the fun and engagement, the Stylish TWS is where it’s at.

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