2017 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Best Wireless Earbuds Reflect Contour Sport

Times are tough and we are all strapped for cash. Or maybe you are frugal or a cheap skate – whatever the case may be wireless earbuds are in demand now more than ever. So here are the best buds on the market under $100. This is our “2017 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100” article.

2017 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

House of Marley

 House of Marley voyage bt 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

The Voyage BT is fairly new on the scene, but nonetheless a great Bluetooth bud from another trendy yet charitable brand, House of Marley. The Voyage BT features the brand’s signature braided nylon cable and wooden housing that personifies the sustainable and environmentally friendly-nature of the company. The cable is also equipped with a remote and microphone. The body is waterproof with an IPX4. The ear pieces are angled for an ergonomic fit and feature a sports hook for extra security. The sound signature is like that of other HoM products – crisp vocals and good bass. The Voyage BT, however, only runs for 6 hours which honestly isn’t that bad, but other headphones are hitting the 8 hour mark, so…yeah. These earbuds will cost you $99 at House of Marley.

MEE Audio

Mee Audio X8 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

X8 These earbuds are one of my faves when it comes to wireless audio. The entire frame is rather slender and lightweight. The ear bud housings are also quite small, much smaller than that of the X7 Plus, and subsequently sit snugly in the ear. The X8 is a sports bud so the frame is water resistant and the cable is fashioned as an over-ear hook on both ear pieces. One side of the cable features an in-line remote and mic for making calls and while the other features an additional … to balance the frame out. Wearers can expect up to 8 hours (what seems to be the running average) of music playback and talk time over Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX and AAC HD audio codec support for crystal clear audio. MEE Audio X8 is $79.99 and is unfortunately sold out at MEE Audio Online, but Audio 46 has got them online and in-store.


JBL E25BT 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

E25BT The newest addition to JBL’s wireless earbud family is the E25BT. These earphones are at a super affordable rate of $59.99. The E25BT is fit with a neck cable complete with an in-line microphone and remote. I’ll admit this pair isn’t the lightest they’ve made when compared to the Reflect line. However, the E25BT still gets the job done and the addition of a clip helps users secure these buds to their top. The ear tips are that of silicone and are pretty comfortable – at least for a $60 headphone. It holds an 8 hour battery life while providing clear and balanced audio. The tone is neutral so expect to hear your music the way the artist recorded it. The frequency response range is 20 to 20,000 Hertz on an impedance of 16 ohms. Grab JBL’s E25BT at JBL and Amazon.

Reflect Mini BT

JBL Reflect Mini BT 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

An impressive pair of incredibly lightweight wireless buds to add to our “2017 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100” article are hands down JBL Reflect Mini BT. These fitness earbuds are perfect or someone who wants a small and weightless pair of buds for running, hiking, etc. The cable is reflective which is great for those who prefer to work out later in the evening. It also features an in-line remote and microphone to navigate between tracks, pause and play your music, take calls, and adjust the volume. The frame is sweat resistant with an IP grade 4. When it comes to fit, the buds use silicone tips, but also include sport fins for a super secure fit. These can be removed if you prefer not to use them. The Reflect Mini BT operates for up to 8 hours and reaches a frequency response of 10 to 22,000 Hertz using 5.8mm drivers. Expect to hear neutral and clear audio when bumping these babies. JBL Reflect Mini BT is $99.99 at JBL and Amazon.

Reflect Contour

JBL Reflect Contour 2017 Best Wireless EarbudsIf you’d like an option very similar to the Mini BT with the addition of an over-ear hook design opt for the JBL Reflect Contour. Literally, when it comes to differences, that’s about it. How to pair, use of the in-line remote and mic, as well as frequency response range, size of the drivers, sound signature, and of course the price are all the same. The Reflect Contour is also available at JBL and Amazon.



Byron BT Wireless

Beyerdynamic Byron BT 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

If you’d like a good-looking pair of wireless buds then opt for Beyerdynamic Byron BT. These $99 earbuds offer the accurate sound of Beyerdynamic with a little bass to them (but not too much). These wireless earphones feature an in-line mic and controller for adjusting your audio and taking calls. Though the BT lacks an over-ear hook (if you’re into that sort of thing) the buds include silicone sports fins that fit over the ear tips and sit in the conch of your ear. This adds extra security. The Byron BT also is wireless earphone designed with a neck cable that is actually a flat wire. This keeps the wires from tangling which leads to premature wear and tear. The BT uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology as well as aptX codecs to deliver clear audio quality for up to 7.5 hours. This member of our “2017 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100” list is available at Audio 46.


Skullcandy XTFREE 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

XTFREE is Skullcandy’s take on headphones like the JBL Reflect Mini. Their earbud features a lightweight neck cable connecting both ear pieces. The cable, like the Byron BT, is flat to prevent tangling and subsequently premature wear. There’s also a remote and microphone built into the cable which gives wearers the ability to control their music and answer calls. XTFREE also features silicone ear tips and the added benefit of sports fins for a secure fit. These earphones provide good quality audio with a little emphasis in the bass over a 6 hour battery life. P.S. These buds are sports-based so they are in deed water resistant and feature Pureclean Tech to keep your gear from smelling. Snag a pair for $99 at Skullcandy.

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 2017 Best Wireless Earbuds

Smokin’ Buds 2 is another great addition to our list of “2017 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100” list. This bud is designed as an affordable Bluetooth headphone for commuters. It features a soft flex neckband. This low-profile collar is made of moldable plastic that gently hugs your neck and is equipped with an “S” clip for wearers to find the perfect fit. The flex collar can also be removed for those who aren’t a fan. The cables are flat to prevent damage. In addition, the cable includes a remote and mic. When it comes to the tips, Smokin’ Buds 2 feature an angled and oval-shaped tip that aligns better with the natural shape of the ear, improving comfort and noise isolation. Wearers can expect clear audio with deep bass and rich mids and highs for up to 7 hours. Smokin Buds 2 will run you about $59.99.

Your pockets can thank me now!

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