2018 Amazon Lead-Up Deals Start Now! Pre-Cursor to Prime Day

2018 Amazon Lead-Up Deals
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Amazon Prime Day is Monday, July 16th, but you can start shopping now thanks to 2018 Amazon Lead-Up Deals up to 30% off!

2018 Amazon Lead-Up Deals Start Now! Pre-Cursor to Prime Day

July is an exciting month for Amazon Prime members who can save 20% off and more on a variety of products on the big day. However, if you are ready to start saving now, you can do so with Amazon Lead Up deals. Running now through July 15th, Amazon is hosting special select deals across gaming and entertainment, luggage & home, furniture & decor, Amazon’s snacks and drinks, as well as food at Whole Foods Market.

One of the most exciting Lead Up deals is aimed at gamers with Amazon prime offering 21 free games over the course of 2 weeks. Everyday, Twitch Prime members are able to download a free game each day until the 15th. There are varying titles of games to choose from each day and each game is available for a few days at a time, just in case you miss a day. And to top it off, members get to keep the games in their Prime account forever! Woohoo! However, it is important to note that these games are all PC-based. Right now you can snag “Pillars of Eternity” until the 4th.

After that, the schedule is as follows:
July 3-9 — “Q.U.B.E. 2”
July 3 – August 2 — SNK Bundle featuring “Metal Slug 3,” “The Last Blade,” and “Twinkle Star Sprites”
July 4-10 — “Battle Chef Brigade”
July 5-11 — “Manual Samuel”
July 6-12 — “GoNNER”
July 7-13 — “Next Up Hero”
July 8-14 — “Uurnong Uurnlimited”
July 9-15 — “Hue”
July 10-16 — “Deponia Doomsday”
July 11-17 — “Observer”
July 12-18 — “Tacoma”
July 13-26 — “The Bridge”
July 14-27 — “Brutal Legend”
July 15-21 — “The Red Strings Club”
July 16-17 — “Tyranny”
July 17-31 — “Broken Age”
July 18-31 — “FRAMED Collection”
July 18-31 — “Serial Cleaner”

Electronics – Echo Show
For those into electronics and more specifically their Amazon Echo, the visual version is running at a discount through Prime Day. Echo Show talks to you (just like Alexa), but it’s equipped to provide you more. Users are able to Amazon Video content, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, browse and listen to Audible audiobooks, and more than that all hands free. The Echo Show is originally $229.99, but available at the very low price of $129.99. That’s a whole $100 off, sweet!!! Grab that deal here.

Luggage & Home
For travelers and even home-bodies, you’ll be excited to know that this is the time to grab your luggage, and household items like hangars and light bulbs up to 20% off. Check those discounts out here.

Furniture & Decor
If you’re in need of some new interior threads for your place, Amazon has you covered – yet again! Lamps, desks, planters, and more are up to 25% off. Check all of those deals here.

Amazon’s Snacks & Drinks
As I’ve written about before, Amazon has their own brands of clothing, electronics, and even non-perishables. The company is retailing 30% off of their own lines of food and beverage, household essentials, vitamins and supplements, sunscreen & lotion, baby items, and beauty products through Prime Day. You can access all of those here.

Whole Foods Market
the second best thing to free food, is discounted food. Thanks to Amazon’s merger with Whole Foods Market, Prime members can save 10% on hundreds of different items at WF once at checkout by simply by using the WF app and scanning their Prime bar code. This special deal actually gives Amazon Prime Rewards Visa cardholders 10% cash back on up to $400 of purchases made between July 14th-17th. Read more about those rewards here.

If any of these 2018 Amazon Lead-Up deals sound super attractive to you, I’m assuming you could technically sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial at this time and get access to all of these wondrous deal. So, what are you waiting for?

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