2018 Valentine’s Day Tech Deals (Audiophile Edition)

2018 Valentine's Day Tech Deals

This special lover’s holiday is right around the corner and finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be tough. If you’re best friend and confidante is an audiophile or techie, then we’ve got your covered with a comprehensive gift guide featuring a variety of tech gifts and a number of different deals. “2018 Valentine’s Day Gifts Tech Audiophile Edition.”

2018 Valentine’s Day Tech Deals (Audiophile Edition)

2018 Valentine’s Day Tech Deals – Under $100

Final Audio E2000, E3000
If bae is in need of new earphones Final Audio E2000 or E3000 may be the perfect pair. Depending on their preferred sound signature either can do. E2000 offers a balanced and neutral sound while the E3000 is designed to deliver a slight boost in the low end for bass-heads. These buds costs $44.99 and $62.90, respectively and have a unique, slender housing for those with small ears. These definitely won’t disappoint for the frugal.

If working out is your boo thang’s thang, JBL’s Focus 700 provides a secure fit (thanks to the secure TwistLock™ technology), balanced sound, and an 8-hour battery life all in a water-resistant frame. There’s also the Reflect Contour, which is nearly identical in features to the Reflect Mini, but also features an over-ear-hook design for added security. Both models are $100.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT Wireless are Bluetooth buds built with a tangle-free flat wire cable. Magnets on the end of the earbud housings are a great way to secure them around the neck. Also, these buds run for up to 8 hours on a full charge and have a nice balance of accuracy and bass. Boo will love them and you will too for the $100 price point. Shop additional products from Beyerdynamic at Audio46.

Rush Charge
This is a super tiny, but very powerful charging bank that’s just about half the size and width of an iPhone making it really easy to take with you anywhere. Rush Charge provides up to 8 hours of juice. This unit is available for both iOS and Android devices. The power bank is only $22 and would make for a great gift bundled with some other gadgets.

Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 in-ear buds are also another great buy for $249.99 at Audio46. They feature a smooth sound signature with a warm low end. The headphones are available for both iOS and Android devices with an in-line remote and mic optimized for the respective operating system.

If you’re babe is a beginner audiophile and is looking to venture into open-back headphones Grado SR80e is an amazing option. They perform beautifully and provide a nice, open soundstage for only $99. Plus, these open-backs don’t require an amp. Grab them for your hunny at Audio46.

If looking for a phenomenal closed-back, studio monitoring headphone grab Audio Technica M40X. The reference headphone never disappoints and its collapsible. It is $99 and available at Audio46.

If babe is fine in the headphone department, but is in need of some top notch accessories look no further than a powerful little preamp/amp/DAC-combo from AudioQuest. DragonFly Black is USB-based and has an output power of 1.2 Volts. It’s also only $100 and available at Audio46 and Amazon.

JBL’s Flip 4 is a great buy as the speaker is waterproof, loud, and supports a 12-hour battery life. This speaker usually retails for $99. You may see some retailers selling the speaker for $89.99 on sale, but Audio46 is offering a sweet discount in-store. If you’re a local, pop-in for this buy.

Google Home and the Google Home Mini are two wireless speaker options that feature integrated voice assistants. These speakers are able yo work with Chromecast to access your Netflix and also answer questions about the weather and other commands. Google Home and Google Home Mini cost $129 (I know, a little more than $100) and $49.99, respectively at the Google Store.

If an e-reader is a better fit for your boo, an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa is only $49.99 for 8 GB storage and $69.99 with 16 GB of storage. This special deal includes special savings on the lock screen of the tablet. To forgo that, the price increases to $64.99 and $84.99, respectively.

2018 Valentine’s Day Tech Deals – Under $250

A pretty amazing pair of in-ear buds are Audio Technica’s LS70is in-ear monitors which provide a deep and rich bass line and a wider soundstage than you’d expect for $129.99. Trust, these bud are well worth-the price and you can pick them up at Audio46.

Truly wireless is a major market at the moment with many options, but only a few worthy options. Apple Airpods is one of those good options. While the sound quality is average, it supplies a better battery life than most – reaching 5 hours. Snag them from Apple.

Another TWS alternative would be PSB M4U TW1 earphones. They feel more secure than the Airpods thanks to their over-ear-hook design. Pairing these buds area little tricky since the quick start guide doesn’t actually tell you how to do this. You can find those details online. Instead of a button, the logo acts as a touch pad which is a bit finicky and takes getting used to. As for battery life, PSB M4U TW1 provides 4.5 hours and cost $149.99 at Audio46.

Sennheiser HD1 Free is a Bluetooth in-ear bud that features a cable connecting both earpieces. It provides the same smooth sound signature of the wired HD1 Momentums. My only vice is that these buds last for only 6 hours while other Bluetooth buds are reaching about 7.5 to 8 hours and are cheaper. But the sound is stellar. This earphone costs $199 and is available at Audio46. Use the discount code “majorhifi” for a special discount during checkout.

For the select few on the hunt for a Lightning-based headphone there are two excellent options under the $200. AKG N20 LT earphones feature a built-in DAC that supports up to 24-bit/48 kHz resolution and provide a neutral sound signature.  This earphone is $149.99.

The second option is ideal for those into an active lifestyle. If babe is a fitness buff, JBL’s Reflect Aware is for them. It’s water resistant and noise-cancelling capable. Since the earphone is Lightning based, there isn’t an annoying ANC battery pack dangling from the cable as it draws power from the phone.

A fan favorite in the studio monitoring division is the ATH-M50X headphone. This is still a best-seller and for good reason. The comfortable and collapsible headphone offers smooth, rounded sound with a bumping bass line all for $149. This headphone is usually $169.

There’s also an amazing deal on Audio Technica’s MSR7, which is a consumer-friendly closed-back headphone. It is hi-res certified and provides a great deal of clarity, warmth, and rich sound while retailing for $199.99 (list $249.99).

If bae is looking for wireless and noise-cancelling you can grab the warm-toned Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC. It is a steal at just $200. Most other ANC and wireless models are northwards of $300.

*A similar model would be the neutral-sounding JBL E65BTNC. It is wireless, noise-cancelling capable, and only $200.

If looking for closed-back headphones that are purely optimized for bass-heads, Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless literally rattle the headphones every time the bass drops. These cans are literally head-bangers. $199.99

iFi iDSD LE USB Dac is a lightweight, portable DAC that is USB based and features an RCA out. This unit is $129.99 and can be picked up online or in-store at Audio46.

*If your lover is into wireless and wants to retain their hifi quality while doing so, you can look into the following two options at $199.99.

iFi iOne is a small and very portable streaming unit that is similar in size to iFi’s micro DACs. The iOne is equipped with RCA outs, USB input, and S/PDIF input and outputs to connect to your system and provides a warm tone.

AudioQuest Beetle is another option at the same price point and just about the same size. It features an analog out and a Toslink port. As I mentioned, the Beetle is $200 and it is available on Amazon

Maybe babe is into wearables and an active lifestyle. If so, reaching for a Fitbit is a great go to. Fitbit Charge 2 is equipped with an LED screen, fitness and activity tracking, and GPS  tracking for $150. Grab it at Best Buy.

Waterproof and wireless speakers are always a good call. These portable party-makers are an great gift for just about everyone. JBL Pulse 3 is only $200 and also includes a changing LED light like that of a lava lamp. So cool! Available at Audio46.

2018 Valentine’s Day Tech Deals – Under $600

Westone W30 is a beautiful pair of earbuds for that audiophile in your life. It is built with 3 balanced armatures that deliver a supreme clean sound. These earbuds feature an MMCX connection so the cable can be changed with ease. In fact, the pack comes with two cables. Westone W30 costs $399.99 and is available at Audio46.

Audeze iSine20 is an open-back planar magnetic earphone. It can seem a bit larger, but the units are lightweight. The sound is very impressive providing the detailed, precise, and open sound of its much larger Audeze family members. These earphones are and available at Audio46.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Gaming Headphone is a solid gaming headphone for the gamer in your life. It is closed-back and includes a boom mic. As for sound, it features a wider frequency response than other headphones (5-35,000Hz) allowing for a good capture of sub-bass and the highs. This headphone is on-sale for $299 (list $349) at Audio46.

Does bae watch television super loud at night? If so, wireless headphone for the TV are the perfect solution and gift this holiday. Sennheiser RS 175 is a comfortable headphone that comes equipped with a charging dock that also acts as the receiver. The headphone and dock are available in a set for $279.99 at Audio46. Use discount code “majorhifi” for special discount when you checkout.

Sennheiser PXC 550 is ideal for your Valentine if they are in need of wireless and noise cancelling headphones that deliver on high-res audio quality and want a lightweight, snug, and comfortable fit. The ear cushions on these headphones are super soft and fluffy. They feel like pillows. The PXC 550 costs $399.99 at Audio46. Use discount code “majorhifi” for a percentage off of your order when you checkout.

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