Headphones Of Summer – 5 Best Summer-Ready Headphones Under $200

Headphones Of Summer 2017

Warmer weather is on the way which means summer is just around the corner. Visions of ice cream trucks and days in the park are already taking hold and backyard barbecue plans are in the works. So I compiled a list of 5 excellent sounding headphones under $200 that will keep you looking cool while you stay cool and vibe-out to your favorite summer tunes.

5 Best Summer-Ready Headphones Under $200

Thinksound On2 Monitor Series ($199)

Thinksound On2 Monitor Series

The Thinksound On2 Monitor Series on-ear headphone is the coolest new headphone making waves in the world of audiophile sound. The On2 is a compact and portable headphone ready to go anywhere with you. It features a hand crafted natural wood housing, 40mm drivers, 2 removable (Kevlar reinforced) cables and a 2-year limited warranty. But it’s not just the size and stylish look of the Thinksound On2 headphone that make it desirable for summer, this headphone really sounds amazing. It’s punchy, clear and loud enough get you in the zone for any summer event.

You can find Thinksound On2 headphones for the best price at Audio46 or on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 4.30i / 4.30g ($99)

Sennheiser HD 4.30

The Sennheiser HD 4.30 is a stylish new headphone that packs intense sound and in a comfortable and portable design. The lush earpads seal in the sound giving you the premium sound isolation and pumping tunes. The HD 4.30 is considered an over-ear headphone yet portable enough to take anywhere. And if you get it in white, you’ll be certain to keep the suns rays reflecting away and keeping you cool. The HD 4.30 is 18 Ohms, has a frequency range of 18Hz to 22kHz and features a removable cable. It comes with inline controls for iPhone 4.30i or Android 4.30g version.

You can find the Sennheiser HD 4.30 for the best price at Audio46 or on Amazon

Audio Technica M50x White ($169)

Audio Technica M50x (White)

The Audio Technica M50x over ear headphone is hands down one of the best headphones on the market today. The comfortable over ear design combined with incredible sound all for less than $170 make the M50x (in white) an unstoppable force. The 45mm drivers have a frequency range of 15Hz to 28kHz but it’s the white version of this popular headphone that will save you during the hot summer days. Instead of absorbing the heat with a black headphone, this trendy white color will produce the best sound and stay cool all day long.

You can find the Audio Technica M50x (white) for the cheapest price at Audio46 or on Amazon

Sony MDR-ZX310 White ($28)

Sony ZX310 headphone (white)

You don’t have to be rich to get a cool summer ready headphone. The Sony MDR-ZX310 is a stylish and affordable on-ear headphone that will get you jamming through the hottest days. The ZX310 features a frequency range of 10Hz to 24kHz, comfortable padded earcups and is lightweight and totally portable. And in perfect summer style it comes in white to keep you cool.

You can get the best price for the Sony MDR-ZX310 at Audio46 or on Amazon

Grado eGrado ($49)

Grado eGrado headphone

Grado Labs is a Brooklyn based headphone company and they specialize in cool open-back headphones in a wide range of prices. The eGrado is a specifically unique headphone because of its lightweight and portable design. In true retro style, the eGrado open back headphone looks a bit like something that came with a Sony walkman back in the 80’s yet it has a sort of Jetsons vibe too. The eGrado headphone is so light and stylish that a major airline even uses them on select flights. And as with all Grado headphones, the sound is spectacular. All Grado headpones are open-back however, which means you’ll be sharing your music with anyone in your vicinity. The eGrado headphone is best when used out on the street or when on a stroll in the park.

Find the best price on the Grado eGrado headphone at Audio46 or on Amazon


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Gray/Tan ($199)

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

I decided to put a bonus headphone on the list for anyone looking for a decent wireless headphone in a cool summer-ready color. The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is actually a nice headphone. It’s a quality built, over-ear, wireless headphone that connects easily to your mobile device and will last up to 40-hours on a charge. Other special features of the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphone are the adjustable bass slider, custom tuned drivers for rich stereo sound and built-in controls for volume, track advance and making calls. The Crusher Wireless folds up easily and comes with a handy carrying case. It does come in black but the most summer friendly color is the lighter Gray/Tan to keep the suns rays deflected.

You can find the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Gray/Tan headphone for the cheapest price at Audio46 or on Amazon


And don’t miss the Summer Soundtrack 2017 on Spotify. It’s perfect for a day in the park or a backyard barbecue. Just download the photo and open it in your Spotify app with the search function.

Summer Soundtrack 2017 on Spotify

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