64 Audio Introduces U4s IEMs

64 Audio has recently unveiled its brand new set of universal IEMs. Back in 2021, they launched their custom version of this model with the A4s. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy what it has to offer without the hassle of getting them custom-made. You can experience the sound of the A4s in one solid form.

This new quad-driver UIEM boasts some of the familiar groundbreaking technology that 64 Audio is known for. You can expect its tubeless Tia design, as well as its Linear Impedance Design (LID) which corrects the non-linear electrical resistance of the multiple driver sets comprising this 4-driver IEM. Apex (Air Pressure Exchange) will also be implemented, controlling air pressure while maintaining isolation for the most comforting listening duration possible. Different modules like the mX, m12, m15, and m20 can be interchanged to achieve different effects. For example, the mX offers the widest imaging, while the m12 gives you a stronger bass drive.

For its aesthetic design, 64 Audio gives the U4s a slate blue shell color influenced by some of the world’s most beautiful blue-dial timepieces, while the unique faceplate pattern is inspired by Muonionalusta meteorite fragments. Both the faceplate and shell’s illuminant properties give it a unique tone in varying lighting conditions.


    2 balanced armature drivers, 1 tia
    driver, and 1 dynamic driver
    1 dynamic low, 1 BA low-mid, 1 BA
    high-mid, 1 tia high
    10Hz – 20kHz
  • SENSITIVITY: 107 dB/mW @ 1kHz @ 1mW (94mV)
  • IMPEDANCE: 11Ω @1kHz
  • CROSSOVER: Integrated 4-way passive crossover

-20dB w/ m20 module
-15dB w/ m15 module
-12dB w/ m12 module
-10dB w/ mX module

    0.23 Ohms total impedance
    7 x 7 x 4 Multi-twist
    Silver-plated OCC copper

The 64 Audio U4s will be available on March 20th, 2023 for $1,099. Look for it at Audio46.

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