64 Audio Launch Fourté Blanc IEMs

The Tia Foute from 64 Audio is known for being one of the best-sounding IEMs on the market. 64 Audio has made a name for itself with its incredible lineup, and the Fourte stands on top as one of the best they have to offer. Now, they are looking to reinterpret the Fourte for the second and last time with the Fourte Blanc.

Rounding off Fourté’s industry-leading legacy, Blanc delivers a fresh perspective, both cosmetically and technically. A custom-designed open dynamic driver, one balanced armature, and two tia drivers challenge the technical possibilities of a four-driver system. This culmination of small yet powerful details builds upon the tia system’s wide-resolving nature, bringing recorded music to life. Limited in nature, each Fourté Blanc is one of only 500 units; all with exclusive packaging and upgraded internal

components contained within a pristine white ceramic-coated shell. Internally, everything from the driver’s choice and position to the solder is meticulously engineered. These are beautifully juxtaposed with the unique patina of Blanc’s copper faceplate, the cloth pattern, and the letter pressing on the packaging; all imperfect in their way giving each Fourté Blanc customer a truly exclusive experience.

Sound Signature

Blanc is tuned very similarly to Fourté Noir, with some subtle improvements in the low-frequency band due to a new implementation of the dynamic driver, resulting in lower distortion. Lows reach deep while

maintaining realism, giving space for upper bass and mid-range punch/presence. This accuracy in the mid-band is not only a result of its amplitude but because of the quick transient response of the high-mid section. The high-frequency band is left sounding pure and clean.

Tia’s classic soundstage presents the depth of the stereo field rather than just the width. Recordings with sudden wide-panned instruments seemingly come from behind the listening position. Perception of effects and tiny details are deepened. Vocals are centered yet tucked to the back of your head, giving them space while gluing them into the mix.

The 64 Audio Fourte Blanc launches today for $3699. You can find it at Audio46.

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