64 Audio Launches U6t Universal IEM

64 Audio’s most popular CIEM  is now available in a universal form. Drawing from the sonic palette of U12t, this new UIEM is their most affordable audiophile offering to date. Boasting the same groundbreaking technology as their flagship products, U6t includes high-end technology like Apex, Tia, and LID within an ergonomic aluminum shell to make it more accessible than ever. The U18s influenced the new dark grey matte shell finish as its newly redesigned packaging and proprietary cable. The understated shell design and classic black faceplate reflect what you can expect from the new generation of 64 Audio’s audiophile products.

64 Audio U6t

  • Generally balanced natural sound, as you’d expect from 64 Audio
  • Upper mid imaging places instruments like guitars and piano right in front of the mix
  • Very responsive to tip rolling, shifting the HF resonant peak to suit the needs of the listener
  • Gives reality and life to saturated mid-bass mixes, especially when vocal focused

The 64 Audio U6t is priced at $1299 and will release at the end of July.

You can pre-order yours now at Audio 46.

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