64 Audio Tia Fourté Vs Fourté Blanc Comparison Review

The tia Fourte from 64 Audio is among some of the best IEMs ever made. You’ll hear them mentioned on many audiophiles’ lists of endgame IEMs. They’ve made two revisions to these IEMs, the first being the Noir, and the recently released Blanc. The Blanc will be the Fourte’s final revision, only limited to 500 pieces worldwide. I praised the Blanc in my review and found some strong differences and similarities to consider. Which version better suits your taste?

What You Get

Tia Fourte  Fourte Blanc 
  • 64 Audio Personalized Protective Case
  • 48″ Detachable Cable
  • Dehumidifier
  • Round Sticker
  • Shirt Clip
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Fourte Blanc IEMs
  • 2-pin 3.5mm pearl premium cable
    • Extra custom 4.4mm silver-core cable
  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Clip
  • Six pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Three pairs of foam tips

Look and Feel

All of 64 Audio’s UIEMs carry a similar design. The shape and materials are similar, from the shape of the housing to its aluminum materials. However, the Blanc carries an extra ceramic coating. You also get the premium cable which has a silver core instead of the original Fourte’s stock cable. Which one is more aesthetically pleasing depends on whose looking at them side by side, but I find the Blanc the more appealing of the two from the outside. In terms of comfort, both Fourte’s have a fine fit. They can both be worn for a few hours without feeling cumbersome.


Both IEMs use the same driver system. They combine a single dynamic unit with three precision-balanced armature drivers. The four way crossover design is also carried over between both versions. You’ll see that the Fourtes have the same impedance too, as they’re both very easy to drive from any system. I would recommend using the extra 4.4mm connector on the Blanc with a portable DAC/Amp for the best output possible.


A massive soundscape exists in both versions of the Fourte. While the original model was already known for its spatial capabilities, the Blanc shares those qualities with an even tighter grasp on accuracy. While the Blanc features the most pin-point precision out of many IEMs I’ve heard, the original Fourte will actually offer more depth. The soundstage on the Fourte is more non-linear than the Blanc, adding more dimension and holographic imaging to the mix. You get more of a flat plain of sound on the Blanc, but still keeps the imaging up to scale. Dynamic range is vast on both IEMs, offering intricate layering. There is a sense of finesse between sound elements, the Blanc just solidifies the sound with stricter positioning.

Low End

While operating at a similar level of detail and realism, one has a more substantial response over the other. The Blanc gives you a much meatier tone, while the original exercises more balance. They’re still deep and richly detailed, but the Blanc goes all out on a more enveloping sound. Its impact is much greater, filling out the sound signature with more dominance. This makes the timbre reach deeper and enter a distinct growling texture that the original doesn’t have.


If you’re more of a fan of midrange drive, then I would stick with the original Fourte. The Blanc has some great midrange detail, but it isn’t the focus like the original is. You get more neutrality from the Blanc, while the original Fourte establishes a more vivid display of midrange timbre. There is a greater emphasis on localization, with instruments feeling more individualized throughout the mix. It paints a more lush picture of the performances it is reproducing. The Blanc can’t quite match that, but still offers a clear response in its own right.


Those looking for a significant change in the treble response from the original Fourte to the Blanc will be disappointed. Both IEMs share the most similarities here, giving you a crisp display of brighter features. The Blanc might even have more energy to its glistening timbre than the original, but both share a sparkling texture. For those who can withstand its character, the highs will be another great quality of these IEMs.


The distinction between each sound signature will be what informs your decision here. If you don’t mind expressive highs, but want a bass to match it in power, then you’ll love the Blanc. However, if you’re more of a critical listener, then I don’t think you can do much better than what the original Fourte already offers. I had a much more fun experience listening to the Blanc, but that may not be your style. No matter which one you choose, both the tia Fourte and the Fourte Blanc are stellar IEMs and some of the best you can experience on the market today.

The 64 Audio tia Fourte and the Fourte Blanc are available at Audio46.

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