64 Audio Volur Review

64 Audio Volur Review

When 64 Audio announces any new IEMs, it’s always exciting. Their output sustains persistent quality and is firmly at the top of the market. Efforts like the U12t and Tia Fourte have become some of the biggest endgame IEMs you can get, and now they’re looking to add another set to that library. The Volur is a fresh set of earphones from 64 Audio that will set you back $2,499. Is it another hit for the prestigious brand?

64 Audio Volur items

What You Get

  • Volur earphones
  • 2-pin Silver plated OCC copper cable
  • Six sets of silicone ear tips
  • 3 sets of foam tips
  • mX, m12, and m20 modules
  • Cleaning tool
  • 64 Audio stickers
  • Carrying case

64 Audio Volur single

Look & Feel

Most IEMs from 64 Audio will have the same basic shape, with variations of color and artwork on their front plate. The Volur uses half of its front plate for its beautiful cool blue panel. It makes the Volur look immediately striking, like a product that would make sense costing as much as it does. You’ll find the same aluminum casing that makes up the construction of most other 64 Audio IEMs here as well, coming together in a stylish design. The fit really depends on what ear tips you end up using, but every 64 Audio IEM I’ve put in my ears has been very comfortable. With the Volur, the fit is no different. You get a good seal, with minimal fatigue or obstruction.

64 Audio Volur cable


Inside of the Volur is a 10-driver hybrid configuration. Two dynamic drivers are used for the lows, six balanced armatures for the mids, one additional balanced armature for highs, and 64 Audio’s tia balanced armature is used for highs as well. Their LID circuit design and Apex air pressure system also return here, with new modules to swap out and change up the tuning a bit.

64 Audio Volur pair


It’s a sure bet that you’re going to get a wide soundstage and precise spatial imaging with the Volur. 64 Audio rarely disappoints in this area, and the Volur is especially unique in its openness and dimension. While their IEMs are almost always wide, sometimes the sound can be a straight line across the stereo field. The Volur offers more of a bubble of sound, wrapping around your head like open-back headphones do.

There’s more of a holographic effect to the stereo field, supplying you with more distinct positioning and distance between each sound. The size of each instrument feels realistic, never appearing too thin or excessively theatrical. 64 Audio finds a way to make the Volur feel totally believable while expanding immersion through spatial depth. Its layers are so easy to peel back, and it results in a soundstage that is both organized and engrossing.

Low End

Right out of the box, I didn’t feel like the bass was grabbing me. I felt the timbre was too neutral and relaxed. Well balanced, but nothing stands out. After a few hours of listening, the bass started to receive more of a body ever so slightly. Things really changed when switching to the m12 modules, where the bass gained a new personality altogether. Here, the bass expressed a definite foundation and came up with more of a textured surface than before. It’s still exceptionally well balanced, but also gives the sound signature some great lift and fullness. You still might want some more gain to these frequencies, but they still sit well and express smooth detail.


It’s hard to imagine a more transparent midrange over IEMs than the one that exists on the Volur. Everything that comes through the Volur is expressively detailed and realistic. The mids present lively instruments that have a clear shape, with accentuated impacts in the upper-midrange that make each note stand out. You get a lush response that gives sound elements a ton of identity. There’s a ton of weight to many instruments and, vocals are incredibly realistic. Each performance grants you a level of clarity that feels pure to the mix.


Just like the mids, the highs exhibit a ton of pure fidelity. There is a definite sizzle to the timbre, giving the treble a lot of identity and coloration. The highs have a forward presentation but never overextend into excessive brightness. This gives the highs a delicate texture, giving a crisp tail to many different vocals, and other instruments and effects. With this specific tone, the highs still maintain incredible balance and dynamic range.


To put it simply, the 64 Audio Volur is yet another amazing IEM that they can add to their selection. The price is quite a climb, but it carries itself as a prestigious product with both its sound quality and design. However, with a product like this, I with 64 Audio would start packing a better stock cable. That’s the only real criticism I could give the Volur because otherwise, it’s one of the most transparent and detailed IEMs on the market.

The 64 Audio Volur is available at Audio46.

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