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iFi ZEN Stream Review

Ifi has had quite the year, releasing new product after new product in various price points. In addition to their upgraded DAC/Amps and Bluetooth...

iFi Reveal xDSD Gryphon Premium DAC/Amp

A few years ago iFi launched the xCAN and xDSD as part of its x-series line of portable DAC/amps. This autumn, iFi launches its...

DDHiFi TC35 Pro Eye Review

With more devices getting rid of the trusty 3.5mm headphone jack, DAC dongles for laptops and smartphones are popping up all over the place...
Chord Electronics Anni Desktop Amplifier Review 1

Chord Electronics Anni Desktop Amplifier Review

Today we’ll be looking at Chord Electronics' new amplifier, the Anni. The Anni is a desktop amp for headphones and loudspeakers, coming in at...

HiFiMAN DEVA Pro Review

Recently, HiFiMAN has been making revisions to some of their popular planar headphones. I reviewed the Arya V3 stealth, and definitely saw the use...
HiFiMAN Arya V3 Stealth

HiFiMAN Arya V3 Stealth Review

Over-ear headphones are constantly evolving, with manufacturers giving us new ways to listen to the music we enjoy. One of the latest innovations in...
iFi Go Blu

iFi Go Blu Review

2021 has been quite the year for the popular manufacturer. Ifi has released a variety of new amps and DACs throughout the year, from...
iFi Hip-DAC V2

iFi Hip-DAC V2 Improvements And Upgrades – Review

For the majority of 2021, iFi has been updating its line of DAC/Amps like the ZEN DAC and ZEN CAN. They've continued this busy...

iFi Reveal Hip-DAC V2

One of the most notorious portable DACs is finally getting an upgrade. For most of 2021 iFi has been releasing updated editions of some...
iFi Pro iCAN Signature Review 3

iFi Pro iCAN Signature Review – in Depth

A brand dominating the headphone amp market at the moment, iFi seems to constantly have new products rolling out, and I personally can’t get...
ifi pro idsd signature

iFi Launch Pro IDSD And ICAN Signature Editions

As one of the top brands for amps and DACs, iFi is always seeking to improve upon its ever-expanding library. This year has seen...

Chord Reveals Anni Desktop Amplifier With Ultima Technology

It's been a while since we've seen a new release from Chord. Since the Mojo was discontinued, what we were going to see next...

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SIVGA Phoenix 50MM Polycarbonate Film Zebrano Headphone

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