A Blast from the Past – Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti Review

ATH-CM2000Ti in-ear headphones

The last time I saw earbuds with the style of the first apple earbuds, was, well, back when my friend showed me the first apple earbuds. In other words, it’s been a while. But many of you will be psyched to hear about the newest from Audio Technica, the ATH-CM2000Ti in-ear headphones. These earbuds take on the old earbud shape, but how do they sound? Today I’ll take a closer look at them with this Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti Review.

A Blast from the Past – Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti Review

In the Box – AudioTechnica ATH-CM2000Ti Review

-ATH-CM2000Ti earbuds

-2 cables: one balanced with a 4.4 mm connector and one unbalanced with 3.5 mm connector


-leather, zipping carrying case

-cleaning cloth

Design – Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti Review


CM2000Ti earbuds

The Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti have a classy look. For some reason, this shape of earbuds usually equates with cheapness. However, the CM2000i’s titanium housing shells and sleek shape look and feel expensive.


The fit of the Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti will please those who love the classic earbud design. The circular, flat grills fit into the earlobe and sit easily, using the shape of the ear to let it sit. It fits securely in my smallish ears.

In terms of comfort, the Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti felt a bit cold in my ears at first, even through the earpads. Additionally, rather than a rounded edge to the circular flat edge, it is a sharp edge. This was a little bit uncomfortable for me, although perhaps those with bigger ears would have a better experience.

Regardless, I was impressed with how well the CM200Ti stayed in place, especially since there aren’t any other high end audio companies to draw inspiration and examples from other than a few chi-fi models.One downside is that because of the super flat and perpendicular design of the grill plate, the speakers of the earphones seemed to point directly at the back of my earlobe as opposed to into my ear canal. Perhaps this will be better for folks with differently shaped ears, and I encourage you to try these before buying. I found that the low end improved dramatically if I kept my hands on the earphones, tilting them inward toward my ear canal.


Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti in-ear headphones

The Audio Technica CM2000Ti has a driver housing shell made of rigid titanium. As a result, they not only avoid unwanted resonances, but also are strong and solid. Additionally, unlike many of the chi-fi models I’ve seen, the cable of the CM2000Ti is detachable. The cable connections of the CM2000Ti are thick and strong. They are set in a long connector, unlike typical MMCX connections of other earphones and use A2DC connectors. This gives me confidence in its build.

Sound – Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti Review

Low Frequencies

The low frequencies of the Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti are modest. Part of this modesty has to do with the shape of these types of earbuds. However, while lacking some level, they do have a bit of punch to them, contributing somewhat to the groove of songs.

For example, when I was listening with the CM2000Ti to the song Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor, the kick drum definitely felt like it had less weight in the mix than usual. However, it still maintained a sense of separation from the bass guitar and had a sense of punchiness.

Middle Frequencies

The middle frequencies of the Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti lean heavily toward the high mid frequencies. As a result, the earphones provide a lot of snap and crisp articulation to drums, guitars, vocals, and horns.  

For example, when I was listening to the song Lazarus by David Bowie, the snare drum felt closer in space in the mix than normal and came through in a clear and snappy way. Additionally, the attack of the horns was strong and helped their melodies stand out among the thick arrangement. Bowie’s vocal felt louder in the mix than normal and seemed to emphasize his throat and face as opposed to his chest.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies of the Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti lean toward the upper treble and upper octave. They have a bit of a cut in the lower treble. As a result, cymbals feel a little less chunky, but have a good sense of texture and lift.

For example, when I was listening to the song Stuff by Miles Davis, the cymbals felt a little thinner than normal but maintained their level in the mix. The quick snare rolls and hits on the cymbals came through and I could hear the textural overtones of the cymbals.


The soundstage of the Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti has a good, spacious sense of width. Additionally, it has a nuanced sense of height, although doesn’t reach down quite as far as it would with a bigger bass response. However, its depth feels slightly skewed because of the high-mid boost. This boost makes instruments with high-mid information step forward in the mix both level and depth-wise.

For example, when I was listening to the song Fever by Ray Charles featuring Natalie Cole the finger snaps are closer in space than usual. Additionally, the guitars and organ feel closer too. That said, there is good contrast between the highs of the snaps, shaker, and drums and the anchoring bass guitar. Likewise, there is good contrast between the wide panned guitars and strings and the centered vocals

Overview – Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti Review

Overall, if you are into the vintage earbud shape, you’ll be psyched on the new Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti. They bring the old school into the present day with a beautiful look and detachable high-end cables. However they might not be for you if you have small ears or if you like a big bass response. For this style of earbud, the sound is phonetically detailed and emotionally impactful. 

The Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti is available for the best price here:

Audio46: https://audio46.com/shop/audio-technica-ath-cm2000ti-in-ear-headphones/


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ScLfNk

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Audio Technica ATH-CM2000Ti earbuds

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