Adam Audio And Sonarworks Announce New Partnership And Monitors

The AX series of reference monitors from Adam Audio has been a staple for studios everywhere. A reliable tool for sound mixers that offer an authentic sound. Along with a new collaboration, Adam Audio is finally giving this series a proper successor. The New A series aims to deliver highly accurate, transparent sounds across a full line of
monitors. This also comes integrated with a free app called SoundID Reference. It marks a new partnership between Adam Audio and Sonarworks as they hope to provide buyers with a new way to calibrate these new speakers as they see fit.

A Series Monitors

Each A Series monitor contains an embedded platform on the loudspeakers’ DSP that can
host calibration profiles created in SoundID Reference. This powerful software measures the acoustics of your space and generates a unique calibration to help counteract problematic frequencies and resonances. Typically, this calibration profile requires a VST or the SoundID Reference application to run, contributing to CPU usage and latency. The A Series integration nullifies CPU usage and significantly reduces latency by storing the calibration profiles directly on the loudspeakers’ DSP. Once transferred to the speaker, you can continue to benefit from the SoundID Reference calibration without the need for any software or network cables – a great example of the “set and forget" philosophy.

A Control

ADAM Audio A Control is a key component in this innovative collaboration. Designed
internally by ADAM Audio, the free-of-charge application provides A Series customers with a modern speaker management and equalization system. As well as facilitating the transfer of SoundID Reference calibration profiles to the loudspeakers, users can also create their own calibration profiles across 6 bands of parametric equalization or make changes to the voicing and room adaptation settings found on the backplate. All changes made in A Control can be heard in real-time from the listening position, allowing users to be confident in their equalizations and toggle between uncalibrated and calibrated audio.

The A Series monitors are priced as follows:

  • A4V: $499
  • A44H: $699
  • A7V: $799
  • A77H: $1,299
  • A8H: $1,499

For more information on the new A series monitors from Adam Audio, and their new partnership with Sonarworks, click here.

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