Meet ADV Model 3 Earphones, Hi-Res and Wireless

ADV Model 3

Here’s a new addition to ADV.Sound’s earbud line. Focused on delivering hi-res sound and wireless capability, meet their latest make, ADV Model 3.

Meet ADV Model 3 Earphones, Hi-Res and Wireless

The ADV Model 3 in-ear headphone is made to be ultra portable and withstand wear. The buds feature an MMCX connection so users can easily switch between a wired cable and the wireless neck cable. Both cords have an in-line mic and controller. The wireless cable also features CVC 6.0 microphone noise reduction technology which reduces ambient noise while talking on the phone. The top of the cables are also built with additional reinforcements to support wearing Model 3 in an over-the-ear hook fashion.

ADV Model 3 also includes memory foam ear tips which ensure a perfect fit in the ear thanks to their moldable blend. Also, memory foam tips provide better sound isolation than their silicone counterparts since they expand once “warmed up” by your body’s temperature.

When it comes to battery life, ADV Model 3 can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge. It’ll take about 1.5 hours to fully re-juice. Using Bluetooth 4.2 technology the headphone can communicate with your paired smart device up to 33 feet away.

When it comes to sound, expect these in-ear monitors to resonate over a frequency response range of 20 to 40,000 Hertz. Thanks to proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and aptX technology, you can expect to hear CD-quality music pouring through your premium in-ear monitors. If you use an Apple device, ADV Model 3 also supports Apple’s AAC codec. Ummm, I want these!

To boot, according to reviews on the website, customers can expect great customer service. If you’re sold head over to ADV.Sound to snag these buds for $79.99 (Reg. $149.99).

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