Advanced Sleeper Earbuds Review

I’ve reviewed a few of the lower-end models from Advanced Sound Group, and thus far I’ve been impressed at the quality they squeeze in for the price. And the Sleeper Earbuds are cheaper still at just $19.99. Aptly named, they are designed specifically for sleeping. Here’s the Advanced Sleeper Earbuds Review.

Sleepytime Earbuds – Advanced Sleeper Earbuds Review


Being just $19.99, these buds are very basic. They do come with an inline mic, which is a pleasant surprise. The cable feels sturdy, and the right wire is completely red so you don’t get it confused. This provides some more visual pop than standard all-black wires, which may or may not be your thing. But hey, I dig it.

advanced sleeper earbuds for sleep accessories

What really designates these earbuds for sleeping is the design of the earpiece. Instead of a nozzle, the silicon tip attaches to the middle of the earpiece and can’t be removed. So if you don’t like the way the tip fits, you’re out of luck. But this makes the earpiece much smaller. So much so that it doesn’t really protrude from your ear, except for the cable. What does this mean? Well, I’ll tell you. It means you can sleep on your side without the earpiece getting shoving deeper into your ear canal, or breaking as you roll around battling your night-terrors.

advanced sleeper earbuds for sleep eartip

While the design isn’t as snazzy as those totally flat bedphones, or those headband-style earphones, it works well and it’s only 20 bucks. While I still probably won’t ever sleep in my bed with earbuds in, I easily could with these. They work especially well for lying sideways on the couch and vegging out to something too embarrassing to play out loud.


Okay. For 20 bucks, these actually sound really good. Usually when I get acquainted with a cheap pair of headphones, there’s a very painful adjustment period where I grit my teeth and repeat things like “it’s only 20 bucks… great for the price point… keep your expectations low and you’ll be pleasantly surprised…” Not so with the Sleepers. I listened to them without experiencing that dreadful sense of sonic-lacking.

advanced sleeper earbuds for sleep in line microphone

The lows and low-mids have just a touch of punch to them, but lack a heavy impact. The high-mids are tucked in a bit, so vocals never lean too heavy. I imagine this is so no unexpected frequencies jump out and scare you awake while you’re trying to fall asleep. I also expected the highs to be rolled-off, but somehow (in typical Advanced fashion) only the harshest frequencies are absent.

The sound-profile I would describe as mellow, soft and spacious. The midrange and upper frequencies are separated and softened, and the only section that really jumps if you crank the volume is the low-mids. The Sleepers manage to show you the whole frequency spectrum, but tuck down anything too punchy or attention-stealing. So heavy drums, heavy guitars, powerful vocals all have a tapered feel. More analytical than exciting, that’s for sure. But that’s probably what you’d want for sleeping, right? Unless you’re about to do some crazy lucid-dreaming experiments.


Bottom line, if you want to listen to waterfall noises while you sleep, these are a solid solution at a budget price. You could probably find better ambient noise isolation and even comfort, but at an exponentially higher price. If you wanted a pair of earbuds for standard music listening, I’d go with the Elise instead. But for pillow-heavy scenarios, the Sleepers will do you alright.

Pros- Comfortable for sleeping, good sound for the price

Cons- Sound signature may be too mellow for standard listening

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