You Can Now Jazz Up Your Airpods with AirPod Stickers

AirPod Stickers

Because obviously an all-white toothbrush head hanging out of your ears doesn’t make you look silly enough. But on the flip side, AirPod Stickers are a little more fun.

You Can Now Jazz Up Your Airpods with AirPod Stickers

ColorWare allowed users to decorate their AirPods in one or two of 29 different colors in either a matte or metallic finish while BlackPods gave users the option of getting their earbuds custom painted in a protective matte black finish, so it was only a matter of time before someone designed fun stickers to take the fun to a whole new level.

AirPod Stickers actually come in a wide selection grouped into 5 categories. The “icons” group feature designs like a panda, whistling bird, skull, and more. “Lifestyle” consists of flowers, jewels, diamonds, and more. The “skins” grouping is more of dots, gradient lines, and flames while “tribal” is a single tribal image and then a treble clef. “Mirror” is a solid trim on the end of the earphones. All stickers are available in either silver, gold, rose gold, or high gloss black finishes. Each set of stickers costs $9.50.

Not too bad seeing as this decorative option is a lot cheaper than ColorWare, which cost $169 if you send in your pair of buds, and BlackPods, which will cost $99 if you send in your AirPods for an all-black make over.

AirPod Stickers ships worldwide, but I don’t know the shipping costs are calculated and charged during checkout.

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