AKG HP4E Review

AKG HP4E Review

The AKG HP4E Amplifier is an awesome studio solution, but of particular interest to any would-be headphone reviewer.  With the ability to input two different sources, as well as four-channel output, the benefits are clear.  So for $99 is there anything that doesn’t recommend this beast?

AKG HP4E Review

AKG HP4E Review

The AKG HP4E is simple.  It’s a no-nonsense amplifier that can handle up to four headphones.  While also handling two different audio sources.  Yowch.  But seriously, you wouldn’t know it was such a badass amplifier just from looking at it.

For one thing, it comes in such a plain, unassuming cardboard box.  Inside of which, is a smattering of Styrofoam to help cushion the little guy.  There’s a power cable, some interchangeable plug adapters (depending on where in the world you plan to use the amp), and that’s it folks.

But once you get a pair of cans and an audio source, it’s plain to see this is an A-B tester’s dream come true.

You simply plug in some headphones (each headphone can be plugged in with a 3.5mm or 1/4” stereo plug), adjust volume for each headset, and play some tunes.

Your audio source plugs into the back of the unit via left and right 1/4” mono cables, but there are jacks for four plugs (that’s two sources!)!  So if you want to hear the difference between FLAC and MP3, MP3 and AAC, an iPhone DAC vs a Samsung DAC, this is an excellent solution.

As for me, a reviewer, this amp has now found a permanent place on my desk.  If you’re even considering this amplifier, track down a dealer and give it a test run.  The build quality is fantastic, the sound quality is fantastic, and the fact that it answers all your audio-testing prayers is fantastic.

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